Electric bus fleet charging

Keep your electric bus fleet running smoothly and your customers happy. We offer you the full package to build a reliable electric bus charging network. Kempower solutions cover everything from chargers to support services and a reliable charging infrastructure.


Why choose electric buses?

• Low particulate and CO₂ emissions
• Lower lifecycle costs compared to combustion engine buses
• Low maintenance costs
• Less noise and a smoother ride for passengers

Seamless electric bus charging infrastructure

Meet EV charging standards

Kempower solutions are compatible with the most common charging standards, CCS, CHAdeMO, GB/T and Type 2. New solutions are introduced as the industry goes forward. Our support service system keeps you in line with updates at all times.

Scale as your electric bus capacity grows

Kempower solutions are designed so that your charger network can be effortlessly scaled to growth when needed. The solutions are modular so you can start smaller and add power when needed. We offer customized solutions for the needs of different sizes of public transport operators.

Know that your charger infra works

Kempower products are tested to withstand extreme weather conditions and to take the strain of loading multiple electric buses. Cloud connectivity ensures easy re-booting, wireless software updates and hassle-free maintenance. We know our chargers and we recognize service needs in advance.

The best products for electric buses

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