Movable DC – fast charging anywhere you need it

The Kempower T-series is a portable and fully mobile EV charger that is suitable for electric cars, commercial electric vehicles, electric trucks, lorries, vans, buses and heavy-duty vehicles. It offers 40 kW of pure charging power and has a simultaneous dual charging option for 20 kW from each channel. It can take dirt, water, dust, snow – you name it, the T-series is up for it. The durable design does not compromise on user-friendliness. The intuitive and universal touch screen guarantees a simple charging experience for everyone from beginners to the most experienced EV drivers.


Take the power with you

The T-series is built to follow you wherever you need to re-charge your electric vehicle. Thanks to the low center of gravity, light weight and large, robust wheels the T-series is easily movable, ergonomic and well-balanced. A lockable docking station is available if you are looking for a more permanent installation.

The benefits of the T-series

The plug is not an issue

The T-series is suitable for 63 A and 32 A sockets. It also supports all the most common charging standards: CSS, CHAdeMO, GB/T and Type 2.

Dual charging

The T-series is not a one-trick pony. It offers a dual charging option for charging two vehicles at the same time, with 40 kW of pure charging power or 20 kW from each charging channel.

As easy as charging gets

All the best bits of a traditional fast charging station packed in a mobile solution that is easy to move and doesn’t require a fixed installation.

Detailed information

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