Electrifying public transportation in Finland

Kempower teamed up with Koiviston Auto Group to build the charging infrastructure to power the company’s electric buses — 13 in Kuopio and 18 in Lahti. “Charging infrastructure plays an important role and Kempower’s engineering, solutions and experience has been a great help in this”, says Michael Andersson, Technical Director at Koiviston Auto Group.

The installations to Koiviston Auto’s e-bus depots in Lahti and Kuopio included both high-power CCS2-type cable charging and pantograph charging. With Kempower’s intelligent power distribution, charging power is dynamically distributed to meet both overnight and daytime charging demands. In addition to ensuring a failproof and super reliable charging solution, the modular engineering and dynamic power distribution calls for fewer investments. The modular design of Kempower solutions makes it easy to expand the charging system as electric bus operations grow in these two cities.

“Electrification of public transport is advancing at faster pace than probably anyone would have guessed. We are already seeing that the operating costs of electric bus fleets become competitive compared to diesel buses. Smartly-designed charging infrastructure has a part to play in this equation”, Andersson adds.

In 2022, Kempower also signed an agreement to deliver fast charging technology to the electric bus depots of Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy, owned by Koiviston Auto Group, in Vantaa and Helsinki, Finland.


Photo: ©Koiviston Auto