Establish a fast charging station for electric vehicles in 5 minutes – 5 easy steps

Establishing a fast charging station for electric vehicles does not need to be a huge investment. With Kempower’s movable EV charger you can install a fast charging station in 5 minutes. All you need is your electric car and electricity, and you are good to go.

We kindly remind you to make sure that all the electric installations have been made by a professional electrician. To use our T-series charger, you need a 63A power socket installed by a licensed electrician.

Follow me – I’ll walk you through the super easy installing process!

1.      Roll the T-series next to your electric vehicle – 1 minute

To start your 5 minutes installation, roll the movable T-series DC charging station next to your car. The Kempower T-series weights approximately 120 kilos. Thanks to the 2 tyres and the robust handle, you can safely and easily move the T-series to the right place. Weatherproof yet functional T-Series is tested in harsh conditions. You can use the charger indoors or outdoors.

2.      Plug the T-series to the power socket – 1 minute

To connect the T-series to the power source, take the AC power connection cable and plug it in the power socket. Our charger is suitable for both 63 A and 32 A sockets. You reach the maximum charging power of 40 kW with 63 A, and 20 kW with 32 A.

3.      Turn the T-series charger on & check that the charger is ready – a few minutes

Turn the power on. The power switch is on the right-hand side of the charger. Wait for a few minutes until the charger is ready to use.

Kempower Mobile Charger User Interface

The intuitive and user-friendly 7” touch screen ensures smooth and convenient charging experience. It tells you when the charger is ready.

4.      Plug the charger to your car – 5 seconds

With our charger, plug is not an issue. The T-series supports the most common charging standards: CHAdeMO, CCS2 and Type 2.

5.      Start charging – 5 seconds

Start charging by touching the charger’s screen. We offer you cloud connection for wireless software updates and superior data management.


And there you go – your fast-charger is ready!


The Kempower T-series is a movable EV charger that is suitable for electric cars, commercial electric vehicles, electric trucks, lorries, vans, buses and off-highway vehicles.  We are proud of our new product and would love to have a chance to discuss more with you. Please contact me directly or leave us a message!

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