Electric future: Juustoportti Ltd opens High Power Charging stations at all their locations in Finland

Finnish family-owned dairy business Juustoportti Ltd and Recharge, the largest charge point operator in the Nordics, invest in High Power Charging stations at all Juustoportti traffic stations in Finland. Recharge Finland provides Juustoportti traffic stations with High Power Charging (HPC) systems manufactured by Kempower. All stations allow several vehicles to charge simultaneously and have dynamic power distribution between charging points.

Depending on delivery times, the new HPC chargers are available for EV drivers already this summer, or by the end of 2021.

According to Juustoportti Ltd., EV charging stations are one of the key attractions pulling customers. Kempower enables electric future by providing High Power Charging systems that make charging quick and easy, helping EV drivers on their route to the final destination. High-power EV charging will be possible also with caravan combinations without the need to remove the trailer at almost every Juustoportti traffic stations, once the project has been finalized.

“The rapid increase of electric vehicles builds the demand for powerful EV charging stations. And the same at the opposite – the coverage and the availability of the charging network affect directly on how fast electric vehicles are taken into use in Finland. When it comes to purchasing of EV vehicles, there is a lot of psychology behind it: the idea of fast and easy charging while traveling is one of the key points of EV purchase decision making”, says Recharge Country Manager Sami Saarilahti.

Juustoportti traffic stations are well located for long-distance EV drivers. Juustoportti Kuopio traffic station will host one of the largest charging stations in Eastern Finland. The fast-charging stations in Kärsämäki and Kuopio are important stops for the EV drivers traveling towards North.

“If you drive from Helsinki to Oulu, for example, you need to charge your EV vehicle at least once along the road. In practice, you have to charge for around 30 to 40 minutes to drive 300 to 400 kilometres. ” says Pasi Hakomäki from Juustoportti.


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