Electrifying the world with innovation and tailored messages

Interesting times lie ahead for the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Megatrends shift the focus towards a cleaner future, which increases the market demand for Kempower’s charging solutions. However, reaching the variety of customer segments in the EV world requires aligning the messages and the marketing channels to meet the right audiences. To achieve this, Kempower has strengthened its ranks by hiring a seasoned technical product marketing manager, Jukka Mäkinen.

Kempower’s strong technological and technical foundation were what drew Mäkinen to the company. He was impressed that the company manufactures its own parts — something not all businesses in the field do. Another key factor was the opportunity to apply his lengthy experience of the EV industry. Mäkinen has been in the Finnish EV business since its inception and has followed its development.

Jukka Mäkinen in an office

“After a few weeks with Kempower, my positive first impressions have been proven right, but I’ve also learned that we have a long road ahead of us — there’s much work to be done”, says Mäkinen.

Meaningful marketing requires market knowledge

According to Mäkinen, there are two types of customers in the EV world. The first type is highly knowledgeable in electric charging and transportation and the second type comprises newcomers who are only just learning everything.

“There are differences between countries too. Traditional car manufacturing countries like Germany and France already have EV knowledge based on experience. However, their heavy machinery and public transport often still rely on diesel fuel”, Mäkinen points out.

The key to success here is choosing the right messages and marketing channels for different audiences in the EV industry. Which is why Kempower aims to deliver interesting and useful content across multiple digital channels, not forgetting the importance of face-to-face meeting opportunities at fairs and exhibitions.

Kempower drives innovation in public and private EV businesses

For the greatest impact on electrifying the world, Kempower is focusing heavily on global markets. This way, the company can drive global change for a cleaner future. There are three important areas to influence: electrifying public transportation, optimising charging infrastructure, and ensuring cost-effective solutions for charging as charger power continues to increase.

“With the popularisation of electric buses in public transportation we need to start thinking about charging infrastructure in a new way. This change will benefit cities and citizens, as exhaust fumes and traffic noise will go down”, says Mäkinen.

Future megatrends create possibilities for the EV industry

The world is changing, and future megatrends such as the ageing of the global population are big business opportunities for the EV industry. For instance, as the population ages, there will be a growing need for new modes of transportation.

Jukka Mäkinen

“This is an amazing opportunity to think about personal and public transportation in a whole new way: newer types of vehicles and innovative transportation services. For a tech-savvy country and for a company such as Kempower, the future looks bright — and electric! I’m happy to be a part of it”, says Mäkinen.


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