Kempower becomes a core member of CharIN e. V.

The leading DC charging & technology provider in the Nordics contributes to the development of emission free mobility

The leading DC charging & technology provider in the Nordic countries, Kempower, joins Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) e. V. as core member. “Our aim is to help businesses and individuals to move to a new normal. We want to create an EV charging infrastructure so extensive and reliable, that the electric vehicles can and will be the new reality as quickly as possible”, says Tomi Ristimäki, CEO, Kempower.

“For us, joining CharIN e. V.  opens new opportunities to influence in the rapidly growing industry. We are looking forward to collaborate with the top players in the field”, Ristimäki adds.

Kempower’s DC fast charging solutions are developed and manufactured in Finland by EV drivers. The charging solutions are suitable for different types of electric vehicles. They can be scaled from the fast charging needs of electric cars, electric boats and public transport all the way to hard-to-reach work sites in distant locations. All this combined with Kempower ChargEye data & cloud-based solutions, enabling the best imaginable value for both Kempower customers and end-users.

“At Kempower, we aim to stay on top of the market in terms of usability, while constantly developing our products and staying closely in touch with actual users’ needs. Our customer-oriented approach comes from straightforward, hands-on everyday experience as drivers of electric vehicles ourselves. Our solutions are built to last, meant to be used and ready to scale up as your business grows”, Tomi Ristimäki states.

For more information, please contact:
Tomi Ristimäki, CEO, Kempower, tel: +358 44 289 9815,

Press contacts:
Paula Savonen, Manager, Marketing & Communications, Kempower, tel: +358 400 343 851,

Kempower Oy designs and manufactures DC fast charging solutions for electric vehicles operating in the most demanding conditions. We are a large-scale charging system supplier, and our aim is a smoothly running and practical electric mobility infrastructure. With our 70 years of experience in demanding electric power supplies and our vast partner network, we always set the bar high in engineering and user-experience design. Our charging solutions are designed and manufactured in Lahti, Finland and available globally.

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