Kempower delivers charging infrastructure to Jönköping's new electric bus depot

The Swedish company LaddAlliansen and Finnish Kempower will deliver an electric bus charging system to bus operator Vy Buss AB, in their new bus depot in Jönköping, Sweden. The bus depot of Jönköping Länstrafik (regional transport authority) will be fitted with 52 charging stations to power new Volvo buses, which will hit the streets in June 2021. The companies will also offer technical support and service as part of the agreement.

“The market for electric buses is growing rapidly both internationally and in Sweden. More and more cities are replacing buses run by fossil fuels with electric buses, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of traffic and make public transport more attractive. We are therefore pleased to assist VY Buss AB with the transition to sustainable public transport”, says Henrik Holmér, CEO of LaddAlliansen Nordic AB.

Finnish Kempower Oy’s charging system includes modular high-power cabinets and smart satellite charging terminals that make it easy for drivers to charge the buses. The charging system is connected to a cloud service that allows dynamic control and balancing of charging power.

Volvo 7900 electric articulated bus

“We are very happy to electrify city traffic in Jönköping in the new agreement with Jönköpings Länstrafik. By choosing LaddAlliansen and Kempower as suppliers, we get a modern, complete, and future-proof solution in the depot that allows us to charge our new electric buses in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. We look forward to start using the charging facility in the spring of 2021,” says Andreas Ehrenborg, Technical Director at Vy Buss AB.


Kempower’s dynamically controlled charging infrastructure lowers total costs

An optimised and dynamically controlled charging infrastructure calls for fewer investments. Traditional charging systems require power units and electrical connection to be fitted for peak performance charging needs. However, with the Kempower intelligent dynamic power distribution, smaller power units and electrical connection is used for the same charging need. Thus, both the charging equipment and electrical connection investment is lower. With Kempower’s intelligent power distribution, charging power is dynamically distributed to meet both the overnight as well as the daytime charging demands of bus fleets.


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