Kempower EV chargers put to the test at RallyX Nordic's electric rallycross showdown by world's best drivers

Kempower T-Series EV chargers provided the power for brand new RX2e race cars, designed for the 2021 FIA World Rallycross Championship, at a ground-breaking demonstration competition in Höljes.

A stellar line-up of some of the world’s best drivers including Marcus Grönholm, Johan Kristofferson and Timmy Hansen tested brand new FIA RX2e Championship cars on the racetrack at RallyX Nordic’s electric Superteam Challenge in Höljes, Sweden, in mid-May. The showdown delivered promising results for the future of electric rallycross driving.

Kempower T-Series EV chargers were selected to recharge the powerful RX2e cars which generate 250kW of power and up to 460Nm torque. Nordic cooperation came naturally to the project as the Swedish manufacturer of the vehicles, Olsbergs MSE, has long worked with the welding equipment of Finnish company Kemppi. Both Kemppi & Kempower are owned by Kemppi Group.

Brilliant demonstration of electric potential in rallycross

The event at Höljes succeeded in demonstrating electric potential, says AJL Engineering’s Motorsport Specialist and CEO Arto Lehtonen, who works on finetuning steering electronics on EVs.

– The handling on these electric race cars is considerably better than on traditional vehicles that run on a combustion engine. This is an important positive aspect that is especially appreciated by our rally drivers and may come as a surprise to many.

– Fossil-fuelled cars generally have the motor situated in the front and the fuel tank in the back, resulting in a center of gravity that is far from ideal for precise and agile handling. In EVs, the battery sits low down in the middle of the vehicle, providing better overall control.

Racing circumstances require extreme reliability and ease of use

In a racing environment it is crucial that the EV charger works perfectly without complications every time it is plugged into the car’s power socket, Lehtonen explains.

– The Kempower T-Series DC chargers proved to be extremely reliable and very easy to use in rallycross circumstances. We are very satisfied with the product.

Rallycross is moving towards an electric future

– Electrification is not only on its way but already under way. There is currently a huge movement towards electric vehicles in passenger cars, with major vehicle brands hurrying to be part of the change. This has a strong influence on sponsorship also in professional motorsports, Lehtonen relates.

The demonstration competition at Höljes shows that electric race cars can compete with their traditional counterparts also when driving on ultra-high power, at least within a moderate kilometer range.

Lehtonen believes the future of rallycross is electric and looks forward to seeing where future developments on battery capacity will lead in electric motorsports.


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