Kempower’s leading-edge fast-charging systems open at several McDonald's restaurants in Finland

EV drivers can now charge electric cars with Kempower’s leading-edge fast-charging systems at several McDonald’s restaurants in Finland. The charging stations are owned and operated by Recharge, the largest charge point operator in the Nordics. The new charging stations are open in McDonald’s restaurants in Lahti, Pori and Espoo Suomenoja. All stations allow four vehicles to charge simultaneously and have dynamic power distribution between charging points with a total power of 300kW.

Kempower S-Series chargers are equipped with CCS2 connectors and dynamic load balancing. Kempower has made charging easy for EV drivers: the typical charging time with high-power chargers is only 15-20 minutes. The EV driver can also take the Kempower charging display with him/her by scanning the QR code with mobile phone. This helps to follow-up charging real-time while eating or shopping. Customers can start charging with one of Recharge’s drop in methods; SMS or card payment activated by a QR code, or through multiple apps or RFID tag services that Recharge has opened up for, including Fortum Charge&Drive and Plugsurfing.

“It’s great to be able to serve our customers as a pioneer in this way too. It is especially significant to open a charging point for Lahti’s Laune, manufactured by Kempower – a local company based in Lahti also,” says McDonald’s entrepreneur Ari Taivalsaari.



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