Kristiina Venäläinen and Pekka Lehtiö join Kempower’s sales application engineering team at an exciting time

Kempower adds two experienced professionals: Kristiina Venäläinen and Pekka Lehtiö’s broad insight into the motor vehicle and electrical industries help to work out the best charging solutions for customers. The constantly developing field keeps employees motivated and Kempower driven for progress in electric vehicle charging technology.

Kristiina Venäläinen joined Kempower as sales application engineer in December 2020. She and her colleague Pekka Lehtiö provide the sales department with all the necessary technical knowledge and support, working with customers throughout the entire span of their projects.

Senior Sales Application Engineer Pekka Lehtiö has worked at Kempower for nine months and has experienced all the latest developments in charging technology during the company’s busy ramp-up time.

– We get to answer all kinds of questions. Projects vary on a broad scale: from a single passenger car to hundreds of heavy-duty electric vehicles and everything in between. This keeps our work engaging.

Kristiina and Pekka with hobbies

Kempower adds two experienced professionals: Kristiina Venäläinen and Pekka Lehtiö’s broad insight into the motor vehicle and electrical industries help to work out the best charging solutions for customers.

Kempower presents a new team of technical experts

Lehtiö elaborates on the duo’s technical expertise:

– My colleague Kristiina Venäläinen and I both have a similar technical background. Kristiina has a strong background in the motor vehicle industry, and I have more experience in the electrical industry. Together, we make an excellent sales application engineering team.

– I mostly handle long-term sales projects. My work includes monitoring manufacturing schedules, product documentation, managing deployment timetables and advising clients. Project management teaches you something new every day!

Experience in the motor vehicle industry brings insight into charging needs

Venäläinen describes her background in the motor vehicle industry and grins:

– This field has always been close to my heart and it clearly shows in my career choices. One could almost say buses run in the family, as we Venäläinens have been working with public transport in three generations already.

In her previous job, she worked for a manufacturer of electric buses. At Kempower, Venäläinen observes the industry from the perspective of chargers that cater for a range of different electric vehicles.

Lehtiö’s career: from young petrolhead to accomplished electricity enthusiast

– I was a so-called petrolhead when I was younger so of course I’ve always been interested in the vehicles themselves. As an electrical engineer I also nurture a solid personal interest in electricity, and I have spent twenty years designing electric motors in my previous job.

At some point Lehtiö even planned to build his own electrical means of transport in his free time. Being genuinely into technology and mechanics helps to maintain motivation in a demanding job in this fast-moving line of work.

Kempower runs on fresh thinking and flexible procedures

Kempower’s work community is open to new ideas and internal development, and employees have a say in how things could and should be done. Venäläinen appreciates a healthy, forward-thinking mindset and points out that this often comes naturally to companies in a busy scale-up phase.

– My colleagues are very helpful and open to questions. We communicate a lot and often work together flexibly also across teams and departments.

Business is fast and full of surprises, which suits Kempower

The versatile workload and constantly developing industry keep both Lehtiö and Venäläinen on their toes. The electric traffic business is fast and full of surprises and competition is busy, according to Lehtiö.

– We can’t afford to stubbornly keep selling the exact same thing year in, year out and expect to succeed on this market. Product development and a nimble attitude towards business are the keys to progress in the field of electric transport.

Venäläinen looks forward to answering the rising global demand for EV infrastructure

– I enjoy a challenge and the intense pace that our work sometimes accelerates to. No two days are the same, the field is constantly developing, and we are sure to experience further growth in the near future.

Just one concrete example: not long ago, Volvo announced that they will stop manufacturing cars that run on fossil fuels altogether within the next decade.

– This a very exciting time to be working with charging solutions. I look forward to being part of designing, producing, and deploying new solutions to answer the rising global demand for EV infrastructure.