Kempower Pantograph Down

Efficient and Fast Charging for Electric Buses

Kempower Pantograph Down is an advanced and efficient DC fast charging system designed specifically for electric buses. With its automated charging sequence and DC fast charging capabilities, it streamlines the charging process, ensuring reliable and speedy operations.

Versatile Charging for Electric Buses

The system consists of a robust steel frame with a Stemmann pantograph contact, a dedicated Kempower Pantograph Down Control Unit, and a Kempower Power Unit. Its flexible design allows for multiple Kempower Satellites, Pantographs, or other charging points to be connected to the same Power Unit, providing scalability and adaptability. With dynamic power distribution, up to eight Pantographs or Satellites can charge simultaneously with equal or prioritized power distribution, optimizing the use of available power resources. The Kempower Pantograph Down system supports charging power of up to 480 kW per output, making it ideal for overnight charging of electric buses and meeting the demanding requirements of modern electric bus fleets.

Kempower Pantograph Down (also called OppCharge) has retractable pantograph arms that move up and down. The pantograph uses local wireless communication between the charging station and the bus. A pantograph charging system consists of a grid supply, a Kempower Power Unit with dual or triple cabinet, a pantograph cantilever frame, and a current collector dome or pantograph arm assembly. Both methods, Kempower Pantograph Up and Kempower Pantograph Down, are able to achieve power levels of 450 kW or more.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient and Hands-Free Charging

    Automated charging sequence ensures efficient and hands-free charging, simplifying the process for bus operators.
  • Rapid Charging Capabilities

    Fast charging with a power range of up to 480 kW per output enables quick turnaround times for electric buses.
  • Scalable and Adaptable Design

    Flexible charging system topology allows easy scalability and adaptability to meet changing fleet requirements.
  • Optimized Power Distribution

    Dynamic power distribution facilitates simultaneous charging of up to eight Pantographs or Satellites, maximizing power utilization.
  • Reliable Overnight Charging

    Ideal solution for overnight charging of electric buses, guaranteeing reliable and swift charging operations to meet demanding fleet schedules.
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    High-Powered Charging Performance

    The Kempower Pantograph Down system delivers remarkable 480 kW charging speed, enabling rapid electric bus recharges for reduced downtime.

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