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Kempower Stand-alone Chargers encompass the Kempower Station ChargerKempower Movable Charger, and Kempower AC Satellite. These chargers are designed for use in diverse applications, offering a streamlined and compact approach to EV charging. 

Within our Station Chargers, utilizing the same cabinet frame structure as the Kempower Power Unit, we’ve seamlessly integrated the charging cable and the touch screen into the frame. This all-in-one Station Charger boasts effortless installation, making it exceptionally well-suited for side-by-side parking areas. Thanks to its modular design, you can initiate with two power modules at 100 kW and effortlessly scale up in 50 kW increments, up to 400 kW (in the double cabinet version).​

Should you require additional outputs, you have the option to connect two single-output Kempower Satellites or Control Units to deliver charging power for up to four EVs.​

The showcased Dynamic Power Management offers substantial benefits in various scenarios, including overnight bus depot charging. Here, the VDV261 VAS enables optimal scheduling of each individual charging session, facilitated through our Kempower ChargEye backend solution. ​

The Kempower Movable Charger excels in adaptable applications owing to its semi-stationary nature. It effortlessly operates with just a standard three-phase socket, requiring either a 3 x 63 A or 3 x 32 A supply.​

Furthermore, the Movable Charger serves as an ideal backup charging unit. It ensures uninterrupted charging services during pre-defined maintenance sessions of the primary charging points, operating similarly to a Kempower Satellite from a data management perspective.​

This charger also enjoys popularity as a rental charging unit for various events like fairs, exhibitions, and other occasions where temporary DC fast charging is needed.​

Kempower Movable Charger offre una soluzione di ricarica DC versatile, progettata per soddisfare le esigenze di diversi luoghi e applicazioni, tra cui depositi di autobus, centri di distribuzione, concessionari di auto, officine di assistenza ed eventi speciali.

Kempower Movable Charger è la scelta ideale per le situazioni in cui è disponibile un’ampia potenza e la ricarica è richiesta in modo intermittente o frequente. Rendiamo la ricarica rapida, semplice e facile da usare, assicurando un’esperienza positiva per tutti, ovunque.

Offriamo un’unità di ricarica EV trasferibile per un’ampia gamma di applicazioni e luoghi di ricarica DC, fra cui, ad esempio:

  • Depositi di autobus

  • Centri di distribuzione

  • Concessionari di auto

  • Officine

  • Eventi

  • Altre applicazioni di ricarica in cui è disponibile una potenza sufficiente ed è richiesta la ricarica

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