Kempower Stand-alone Chargers

For all type of electric vehicles.

Kempower Stand Alone Chargers include Kempower Station Charger and Kempower Movable Charger. On our centralized Station Chargers, using the same cabinet frame stucture as the Kempower Power Unit, the charging cable and the touch screen are integrated onto its frame. All in one Station Charger is compact to install, making it most suitable for side-by-side parking areas. You may start with two power modules at 100 kW and upgrade on 50 kW steps up to 200 kW.

Should you need additional outputs –you can connect two single output Satellite posts or Control Units to deliver charging power up to four EVs.

Adaptive EV charging through dynamic module can be beneficial on multiple applications, such as on overnight bus depot charging, where VDV261 VAS enables optimal scheduling of each individual charging session, through our Kempower ChargEye Depot Master backend solution.

The Kempower Movable Chargers are most suitable for variable applications due to their semi-fixed nature. They only need a standard three phase socket with either 3 x 63 A or 3 x 32 A to be operational. Movable charger is a perfect choice as a spare charging unit to ensure charging services during pre-defined maintenance sessions of the main charging points as it can be operated equally to e.g. a Kempower Satellite, from data management point of view.

Our relocatable EV charging unit that provides DC charging to wide range of applications locations like bus depots, distribution centers, car dealers, service shops, different events, and alike charging applications where sufficient power is available, and charging is needed occasionally or more frequently.

We offer a relocatable EV charging unit for a wide range of applications and locations, such

  • 1.

    Bus depots

  • 2.

    Distribution centers

  • 3.

    Car dealers

  • 4.

    Service shops

  • 5.


  • 6.

    Other charging applications where sufficient power is available and charging is needed

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