Public charging

If you want to offer the best for EV drivers, that’s us.
Our EV charging solutions are not only the fastest
on the market, but offer superior user experience
with scalability and reliability to match.

Key benefits

  • Scalability

    Kempower chargers are easy to scale as your business grows. The smart design of the chargers enables modular extension when you need it.
  • Dynamic load-balancing

    Kempowers dynamic load-balancing always ensures the maximal power distribution to ensure best possible charging experience for the drivers and revenue stream for the charging point operators.
  • Solution approach

    Instead of a product approach that most of the EV charging industry has, we have a solutions approach. We focus on the technology that is needed across the charging field.

Cloud connectivity & mobile charging curve

Kempowers backend Saas solution enable best possible uptime. Our chargers are connected 24/7 on all continents of the globe to enable remote monitoring and maintenance. Kempower mobile charging curve helps drivers to follow the fast charging session where ever they go.

We think about the whole charging experience from the EV drivers’ point of view

We develop the whole charging hub and the system around it. We believe it’s no longer worth developing charging for a single car as the number of EVs continues to increase. We deliver our charging technology for a world where there will be many more electric cars than on the road today.

System aspect and modularity

We’re not focusing on standalone DC charging systems. Instead, we focus on centralized charging power units with dispensers all over the charging field. This way, we use less space in the charging lot. Our dynamic power sharing capabilities can transfer the power to the next vehicle as the battery level increases and the charging curve decreases.

Is your EV charging business ready to scale up?

1. Scale up the EV charging points at each charging location

2. Scale up the power at each EV charging location

3. Scale up the power and voltage

When making big investments, make sure your plan is future-proof with Kempower Satellite System and Kempower Charging Power Unit

We wanted a partner who could provide fast charging solutions with a small footprint, intelligent load balancing, and above all, a focus on customer experience

Elise Thorvaldsen

Head of Communication and Customer Experience at Recharge

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