Commercial EV charging stations 

Public charging infrastructure plays a vital role in shaping the future of electric mobility. It makes it easier, safer and more comfortable for EV drivers to charge in different places and drive on different routes. Kempower unique dynamic power sharing and decentralised solutions make public charging more reliable, accessible and profitable. Discover how our solutions empower customers revenue for a higher Return of Investment.

The desired DC fast-charging solution for any commercial EV charging station 

  • Charge Point Operators

    Charge Point Operators who are exploring ways to maximise their investments, boost their utilisation and expand together the EV market

  • Retailers

    For retailers exploring the shift to electrification as a means to attract new customers, enhance the customer journey, and discover new sources of income


Charge Point Operators 

Public charging is crucial and has been traditionally led by Charge Point Operators (CPOs), whether from mobility backgrounds like fuel retailers or OEMs, or newcomers like Utilities and pureplay CPOs. Despite these diverse backgrounds, they share common goals and challenges. Charging is the primary income source for CPOs; thus, optimizing income is essential for sustainable business. 

Commercial EV charging hubs powered by Kempower address key challenges: 

  • Power comes with a significant cost for CPOs and there is usually grid limitations, so charging hubs need highly efficient charging architectures. Kempower’s unique dynamic power sharing optimizes grid utilization for a better return of investment. 
  • Queuing is emerging in mature EV markets and EV drivers have little tolerance for it. Our philosophy #moreplugs, utilizing an advanced satellite system together with dynamic power sharing, minimizes queuing time. 
  • Uptime is critical for investment profitability and an for excellent customer journey. Choose 99% uptime with our charging solutions. 
  • Building charging hubs is complex, relying on assumptions. Truly scalable solutions enable CPOs to start small and grow-as-you-go with the demand. 



Retailers possess a unique chance to play a pivotal role in EV charging, particularly in the opportunity charging segment. Extended EV dwell times offer customers the opportunity to engage in other activities while charging. Although EV charging creates substantial revenue potential for Retailers, it comes with its share of challenges. 

Kempower solutions are tailored to eliminate barriers for Retailers: 

  • For individuals new to the EV market, Kempower provides tools and a customer-centric sales organization to facilitate smooth expansion of EV chargers. 
  • Kempower ChargEye prioritizes the retailer’s core business by ensuring easy operation and the ability to integrate card payment solutions. We take care of the charger, allowing them to get up and running smoothly.
  • Addressing grid limitations, Kempower’s dynamic power sharing sets it apart, maximizing grid utilization efficiently. 
  • Recognizing the value of each parking bay, charging solutions should prioritize location sensitivity, offering a small footprint and flexible installation without displacing parking spaces.

Empower your venue with a commercial EV charging station

Maximize energy delivered with our unique dynamic power sharing 

  • Greater plug density and dynamic power allocation increase the energy sales of your commercial EV charging station maximising power utilisation.  
  • Make sure your customers return by having them always connected for a superior user experience with an intuitive interface and on-the-go charging status updates.

Increased revenue by a higher uptime and headache-free maintenance

  • The modular Kempower Power Units ensure reliable redundancy.  
  • Our centralized power and distributed Kempower Satellite Charging System guarantee continuous operation even if one satellite goes offline. 
  • Our Kempower certified service partner network reaches remote areas for top-notch service.


Maximise your grid connection by covering different charging use-cases with one decentralized solution for your entire Commercial EV charging hub. 

Use one charging system for different applications and redirect power to where it’s needed, charge vehicles at low power when the dwell time is higher and use higher power for trucks or loading/unloading bays 

Grow-as-you-go to an optimised investment 

• Distributed commercial EV charging system for a effortlessly scale power and charging plugs as needed.

• Optimal plug allocation via advanced Satellite tech and design.

• Tailor your site to real demand and expand on demand.

• Gain insights with Kempower ChargEye to spot usage surges easily.

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