Kempower energy management solutions


Make the most of electric mobility assets with Kempower energy management solutions.

Scalable energy management solutions

  • Grid-friendly

    Adaptive load management dynamically optimizes the EV charging site’s power use, maximizing the grid connection efficiency.
  • Cost-effective

    Hedging electricity prices to minimize costs results in reduced total cost of fleet ownership or improved charging session margins.
  • Connected

    Kempower ChargEye facilitates power grid connections, allowing utilities to defer hefty investments through dynamic electricity agreements for charging hubs.

An ecosystem
of DC fast chargers powered by solar PV and BESS

  • Renewable integration

    Maximizing local solar energy consumption helps to reduce operating expenses or support EV charging needs in grid-congested areas.

  • Market access

    By connecting electric mobility assets to energy markets, ancillary services can be provided, unlocking complete new revenue streams for charging station owners.

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