Unlocking a greener future for port electrification

Globally, 940 container ports collectively emit as much as Slovenia (10-15 MtCO2e/year). At Kempower, we are committed to reshaping the container port landscape. Our versatile distributed charging system not only supports the industry’s shift to zero emissions but also empowers operators to meet rising demands efficiently. Join us in creating a sustainable future of port electrification.

Charging your cargo movement

  • Low Power Fleets

    Optimize Fleet Efficiency with Dynamic Charging Solutions

  • High Power Fleets

    Energize non-stop operations with seamless high-power charging

  • Truck Charging at Ports

    Enabling truck charging for visiting e- truck


Low Power Fleets

Port electrification brings lots of smaller electric machines to the ports. Effectively managing and operating extensive electric fleets at the port poses a notable challenge. While the charging power needs of these machines are lower, the CCS2 standard proves ideal for meeting these charging requirements. The primary obstacle lies in optimizing the fleet charging process for efficiency. Additionally, minimizing downtime of the machine during charging is imperative to maximize the Total Cost of Ownership (TOC).

  • Boost Machine Uptime: Fleet control of the machines is crucial. The solution it’s not just about the hardware; you need powerful software solutions too. Charge your machines according to their operation schedules, ensuring optimal performance and minimal downtime.
  • Grid friendly solution: Dynamic power sharing optimizes the grid connection and dynamically smart charges the machines according the charging requirement.
  • Space-Efficient Charging: With limited parking space at ports, the footprint of chargers can impact the number of berths available. Small footprint ensures space-efficient charging, avoiding any reduction in berths.

High Power Fleets

Investing in large port machines is a crucial step in any electrification project. These robust machines necessitate advanced power charging solutions to function at their peak efficiency. Charging is facilitated through standardized solutions, which can either be CCS or MCS, and the connection can be established manually or automatically. Typically, the charging power demands of these machines are elevated, leaving no room for any power de-ratings.

  • Maximize Machine downtime: Utilizing high-power charging ensures that machines remain operational at the field with highest efficiency.
  • Seamless Integration: If the charging happens during operations, the integration of automatic connection devices is required to maximize the operation schedule.
  • Space Optimization: With limited parking space at ports, the footprint of chargers can impact the number of berths available. Small footprint ensures space-efficient charging, avoiding any reduction in berths.

Truck Charging at Ports

In 2030, about 500,000 electric trucks are expected to be on the road in the
EU. Ports will play a crucial role in this shift by becoming central hubs for
charging these trucks. We’re talking mega-power on-the-go chargers and
sleek overnight solutions for truck parks. This opportunity gives also a
opportunity for Port operators and authorities, unlocking fresh opportunities
for additional revenue and supporting the port electrification.

At Kempower, we’re at the forefront of this revolution, offering a diverse
range of solutions tailored to meet every need:

  • MCS Solutions: Our cutting-edge MCS solutions are ready to charge
    trucks efficiently while they wait, ensuring a seamless workflow and
    minimal downtime.
  • Depot Charging Excellence: Kempower provides perfect charging
    solutions for truck parks, whether it’s a quick pit stop or an overnight
  • Power Management: Take command with Kempower ChargEye,
    enabling you to control and optimize power usage across entire ports.
    It’s the key to maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

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The future of port is

The path towards port electrification

One module, many opportunities, redundancy and the highest uptime

  • The modular structure provide the flexible power range from 40 kW to up to 1.2 MW
  • Kempower’s modular design provides redundancy and the highest uptime for the port electrification
  • In the case of a failure, due to the modular power structure, only minimal power loss occurs

When space is tight, Kempower Satellite charging system is the solution

•The Smallest Footprint on the Market – Kempower Satellite Chargers are as compact as an A4 paper. It’s an efficient and space-saving charging solution. 

•Unmatched Flexibility – Maximum distance of up to 80 m between the Satellite and Power Unit, allowing for effortless placement

•Our Satellite cable management systems cut cable weight by 60 %

The Kempower Megawatt Charging System

The Kempower Megawatt Charging System is a dedicated solution for electric trucks and other heavy electric vehicles, providing high charging powers above 1 MW.

  • Available peak charging power of up to 1.2 MW
  • The Kempower Mega Satellite charger provides a solution based on Kempower’s state-of-the-art technology
  • The Kempower Mega Satellite utilizes 1500 A current and a voltage range of 200-1250 VDC*

    *Limited by Kempower Power Unit to 920 VDC in the first development phase.

Low-power fleet charging for smaller vehicles

The fully scalable Kempower Satellite Charging System for harsh environments includes: 

  • Less OPEX through intelligent load distribution
  • Optimize yard space utilization with a modular satellite design
  • Peak power shaving and load balancing
  • Smart charging according to vehicle departure schedules 

Kempower ChargEye makes your chargers smart

State-Of-The-Art cloud-based charging management system that integrates charging hardware into customers’ businesses.

  • Enhance the end-user experience with fully integrated charging solutions that align with your operation and service portfolio
  • Intelligent asset management for the port’s clients
  • Easy integration to the port management system

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