Kempower Distributed Charging Solutions

With Satellites, Pantographs and Control Units as charging point options, Kempower Distributed Charging Systems offer nearly limitless possibilities for producing EV charging solutions.

Satellite Charging System

The Kempower Satellite Charging System is constructed with a distributed approach, featuring a separate Kempower Power Unit that converts AC to DC to match the EV’s battery voltage. The DC charging power is transferred to multiple distributed Satellites, Pantographs or Control Units located up to 80 meters away from the Kempower Power Unit(s). ​

Kempower Power Units feature a modular rack-style design. You can start your EV charging at a lower power level and easily upgrade power capacity afterwards by simply adding more power modules. This approach offers greater flexibility in the charging area topology and higher power levels due to the selectable number of Power Unit cabinets.​

The Kempower Satellite charging system also showcases innovative Dynamic Power Management feature, which allows power channels to be rerouted during charging to deliver more charging sessions in the same timeline. This enables optimal power to be seamlessly rerouted based on individual EV’s charging behavior, ensuring the best user experience and improved cost efficiency. The Satellite Charging System supports up to 8 charging points connected to a single Power Unit. ​

In addition to Dynamic Power Management feature, the advanced Adaptive Voltage feature enables adaptation to different vehicle voltage levels, serving EVs with broader drivetrain voltages ranging from 150 to 920 VDC. This offers true multimodality as a single charging system can be used to charge vehicles operating at different nominal battery voltages. With Adaptive Voltage, the maximum number of connected charging points is 6.

In addition to an intuitive touch screen, the Kempower Satellites feature a spring-assisted cable support system, making them among the most user-friendly dispensers on the market.

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