Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Fast access to power through battery-supported EV charging stations.

More power, more plugs

  • Availability

    Grid upgrades are expensive and lengthy. Clever energy storage can support EV charging station owners to fast-track their network deployment.
  • Modular

    Rising hub utilization leads to higher demand for power and plugs. Kempower Power Booster provides a scalable solution for new and existing EV charging hubs.
  • Grid services

    Find market opportunities when battery storage is on stand-by. Create new revenue streams, shortening investment payback time.

Complement grid power with batteries and solar photovoltaics

Challenges and opportunities

  • Access to power

    Long waiting times for new grid permits or lengthy lines at existing EV charging hubs both require fast access to power.

  • Capex and Opex

    Intermittent energy sources cause constant price fluctuation. Moreover, power distribution assets sized for small capacity require high grid upgrade investments.

  • Hub profitability

    Investments in battery energy storage may burden the EV charging hub business when hub use is not sufficient.


Seamless integration

  • Real-time communication
  • Reliable performance
  • Enable reserve markets
  • Hubs always online

Power Booster

  • Discharge a BESS strategically to avoid extra power costs and improve charge session margins
  • Defer grid investments, such as transformers, power cables and related grid reinforcements

Ancillary services​​

  • Support the grid by charging or discharging a BESS according to frequency deviation ​
  • Create new revenue streams during periods when the BESS is idle and not supporting a charging hub

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