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Green infrastructure: energy efficiency in transportation can be achieved by electrifying vehicle

Kempower's ultimate goal is to create an EV charging infrastructure so extensive and reliable that electric vehicles can and will quickly become the new normal. We offer a wide range of solutions to suit all EV charging needs in the cities aiming for green infrastructure.

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Kempower’s new CFO Jukka Kainulainen looks forward to electrifying the traffic

I am excited by the megatrend of electrification and the opportunity to grow the company together with whole personnel”, says Jukka Kainulainen, Kempower’s new CFO.

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We did it! Kempower ramped up to full-scale production during 2020

The year 2020 was Kempower’s first year of full-scale production, during which orders have soared from 0.5 million to over 8 million, and our personnel has become over three times the size of the team we started with.

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Kempower S-Series fast charging system | Review & test by author Antti Rantanen

Oh boy! I have never been as excited about any fast charge system as I am about Kempower’s S-Series. Kempower engineers have really done a good job. This is how fast chargers should always have been done.

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Every new electric car is a risk for e-mobility service providers: Plug fits but the charger does not charge

Even if the charger plug fits the electric car it does not necessarily charge the car. Cloud-connected fast chargers solve the problem and support new cars.

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Kempower tech is based on the everyday of EV drivers — intuitive and scalable charging with high compatibility

Kempower tech is based on the everyday of EV drivers — intuitive and scalable charging with high compatibility

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Environmental proofing is the secret to long life – Kempower chargers have low life cycle costs thanks to the Finnish treatment

We build chargers that last. For you this means low life cycle costs and more predictable maintenance. How do we do this? By putting our chargers and their components through the Finnish treatment, and by offering software tools for preventive maintenance to ensure a long and trouble-free life.

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Team Kempower has electrified its car fleet and is testing to learn: Kempower’s Petri hit the road

Kempower has electrified the company’s car fleet and is now testing daily commuting and longer trips with different electric vehicles available on the market.

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Electric bus charging: Insights from Nordic Zero Emission Bus Conference in Oslo

Kempower’s Sales Manager Erling Sandstad attended the Nordic Zero Emission Bus Conference in Oslo 28-29 August 2019. The focus was clearly on the fast-growing battery electric transport vehicles and electric bus fleet charging solutions. Read Erling’s insights from the conference.

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