Kempower for Suppliers

Kempower Purchasing function is responsible for strategically acquiring the necessary resources, managing supplier relationships, and ensuring quality and compliance. We play a vital role in supporting the overall objectives and profitability of Kempower.

We work with our Suppliers via our Supplier Portal. If you would like to present your company as a potential Supplier to Kempower, kindly check our General Terms and Conditions for Purchase and Code of Conduct and submit the below form for our further information. We will review your submitted information and our respective Purchasing Manager assesses if he/she takes contact with you for further information.

Kempower’s Suppliers are a vital stakeholder in our Value Chain in

  • Ensuring Kempower’s Customer promise is fulfilled
  • Reducing liability risk at Kempower’s operations
  • minimizing Kempower’s environmental footprint

Kempower General Terms and Conditions for Supply

Kempower Supplier Code of Conduct