We make charging solutions that are built to last

What drives us?

It all started with our desire to drive the world into a better direction. We combined 70 years of experience in power electronics with our fresh ambition for making the world just the way it should be.

Electric vehicles are the future, both in passenger traffic and in heavy industry. But, in order to establish a better future, we need charging solutions that work right now. Solutions that hold their ground in the deepest mines, the coldest seas and the driest deserts. So, we give them the Finnish treatment.

Our products can take the heat of the hottest Finnish summers, and the freezing coldness of Finnish winters. We have the clever Finnish engineers to make sure that you don’t have to be an actual engineer to use our products. And if you survive Finland, you’ll survive anything.

We bring you smoothly running charging solutions and a cleaner, smarter and brighter future.

Charging solutions, built to last.

Our vision is a fully electric world of transportation

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