Background story of Kempower

Kemppi-Group is best known from the global Welding machine brand Kemppi. Since 1949 KEMPPI has delivered thousands of welding machines. In 1977 the group introduced the very first inverter based DC power source in the world.

As the business with other applications regarding DC power became more interesting Kempower was founded for the first time in the 90’s to target the non-welding part of the DC power source market. The most famous reference from the project business time was the Cern particle accelerator where Kempower delivered almost 1000 pcs of 2000 A power sources and received the supplier of the year award.

In 2009 the project business was stopped due to several reasons and the Kempower technical team was moved to work as research department of Kemppi, where one of the research area was new businesses – including EV charging.

After several studies and some piloting projects in Finland with 20 kW CHAdeMO fast chargers were conducted in 2014-2017 Kemppi Group decided to restart Kempower in the autumn of 2017 as an independent company from Kemppi Welding with 100% focus on EV charging.

Real operation started in 2018 as the core technical know-how accumulated over the years in both Kempower special projects and Kemppi research department formed the backbone of the team that would create the technology that would be Defining Charging.


Our vision is a fully electric world of transportation

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