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Station Charger

The Compact DC Fast Charger
A simplified modular EV charging experience for public and depot charging activities, serving all types of electric vehicles.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to Install and Power Up

    The compact design requires only a sturdy foundation and 3-phase mains supply. The spring-supported charging cables, offering a market-leading user experience, are pre-installed at the factory.
  • Scalability

    It features the same modular and scalable structure as the Kempower Power Unit. Charging capacity can be field-upgraded with additional power modules. The charger includes 1-2 charging points and supports a maximum of two external charging points.​
  • Dynamic Re-routing of Power

    The station charger can be equipped with a unique dynamic module that can reroute all of the power channels during any charging session, improving utilization.

The Station Approach to DC Fast Charging​

Our Station Charger is an all-in-one DC fast charging solution, seamlessly integrating the modular cabinet structure of the Power Unit with our user-friendly Satellite interface. It’s easy to install and use across various applications, becoming fully functional once connected to AC supply and commissioned.​

Available in single and double cabinet versions, individual rack-style cabinets offer four power module slots, enabling the single cabinet to deliver up to 200 kW and the double cabinet up to 400 kW. Its modular design allows for scalable charging power capacity to meet increasing charging demand.​

While it supports a maximum of two integrated charging points, you can extend the Kempower Station Charger with two additional charging points using Kempower Satellites or Control Units. An AC Type Socket is also available as an option.

Compact Charging Solution for Limited Spaces​

The Kempower Station Charger is perfect for depot charging with space and cabling constraints.​

Each Station Charger features a dynamic power distribution module capable of rerouting power module channels during charging. This flexibility allows you to allocate power to any of the 1-4 charging points, up to full capacity, based on cable size and the number of charging points. Dynamic Power Management maximizes your charging equipment’s utilization level.

Kempower Load Manager Kit

The Kempower Load Manager Kit provides a smart load balancing solution to fully utilize the available grid connection.

In cases where the Kempower charging system shares the grid connection with other varying electrical loads, the Load Manager Kit hardware combined with the Kempower ChargEye cloud solution introduces advanced tools for managing the electrical load of the site to dynamically utilize all available power for EV charging.

The Load Manager Kit measures the power consumption from the grid connection point in real time and sends the data to the ChargEye system. Based on the available power, ChargEye adjusts the charging power of all the Kempower Power Units connected to the Load Manager Kit power group.

Configured specifically for your site and its dynamic loads, the Load Manager Kit adjusts the power levels of all the charging points to match the available capacity.

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