Kempower AC Satellite

Satellites for Complimentary AC Charging
Low power charging for overnight and daytime visitors

Key Benefits

  • Both Options

    Two options are available: Type 2 sockets or Type 2 plugs with cables.
  • For Complimentary AC Charging

    Kempower AC Satellites support 3-phase on-board chargers, delivering 22 kW of power, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of users.​
  • Accessibility

    With Kempower ChargEye, you can remotely access and control the AC Satellites.

Kempower AC Satellites—a standalone EV charger for hybrids and fully electric vehicles

Designed for small EVs and plug-in hybrids, AC Satellites provide charging, with the AC-to-DC conversion done onboard the vehicles. ​

Use Kempower AC Satellites for destination charging or as a complementary service at places like malls or hotel parking lots. ​

Two variants are available: one with two Type 2 AC sockets and a more user-friendly version with two integrated charging cables featuring Type 2 AC plugs. Both models include an integrated, MID-approved Class B energy meter for public charging services.​

Both AC Satellite versions feature the acclaimed user interface of Kempower Satellite. The AC Satellite with charging cables includes the same unique cable support system found in Kempower Satellites. ​

Kempower AC Satellite is always supplied with a double charging point structure, requiring two separate 3 x 32 A AC supply cables with RCD upstream on the low voltage panel. To maximize the potential, we recommend using Kempower AC Satellites in indexed parking lots.​

Connected to Kempower ChargEye, AC Satellites offer remote control and performance monitoring. ​

With an identical communication interface to Kempower Satellites, they seamlessly integrate into commercial charging services.​

Kempower AC Satellite’s cable management system: The most valuable feature for everyday electric drivers

EV drivers can effortlessly connect to AC chargers without retrieving their cable from the trunk. Our unique cable support system makes cable handling a breeze.

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