Kempower AC Satellite

AC charging satellite for EVs

Key benefits

  • Animation of portable charging station

    Advanced cable support system (pat. pend.) for premium user experience

  • Optimal for charging hybrid vehicles

  • On-screen QR code to follow the charging status on the user’s mobile phone

Kempower AC Satellite is a standalone
EV charger, for charging
hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

Kempower AC Satellite extends Kempower’s
wide EV charging offering. There are two
versions of Kempower AC Satellite, one version
with two integrated charging cables with Type
2 AC charging plugs, and another with two
Type 2 AC charging sockets. Both AC Satellites
include an integrated, MID-approved Class B
energy meter.

Kempower AC Satellite’s cable management system: The most valuable feature for everyday electric car drivers

Electric car drivers can connect their car to AC charging without having to dig their own cable out of the trunk. Plus, the cable is easy to lift and manage due to the support by springs.