Electrifying the marine industry

Maritime electrification is on the rise, and standardized charging solutions play a crucial role. The transition to green practices supports the maritime industry’s shift and also helps operators manage increasing demands. Kempower contributes to this shift with its versatile modular system, providing scalable solutions that enhance revenue and drive the industry’s eco-friendly progress.

Charging solutions for marine segments

  • Marinas & Harbours

    For a thriving electric leisure boat market: transforming marinas into energy hubs

  • Vessel Manufacturers

    For green charging solutions: boosting electric boat sales

  • Commercial Vessels

    For pioneering the future: electrifying commercial marine vessels


Marinas & Harbours

Marinas are driving the evolution of the electric leisure boat market. By adopting standardized charging solutions, marinas open doors to fresh business prospects while fueling this surging trend.

Key drivers for investing in marina electrification:

  • Business Transformation: Marinas transition into energy hubs, reshaping the industry. 
  • Regulatory Shift: Legislation mandates marinas to install chargers for electric boats. 
  • Green Routes: Electric boat owners seek charging points, replacing traditional refueling.
  • New Technologies: New flexible solutions generate added revenue streams for marina operators.

Vessel Manufacturers

The absence of robust charging infrastructure affects electric boat sales. Adding chargers within the scope yields benefits like:

  • Lowering market barriers
  • Addressing the chicken & egg challenge: charging network vs. electric boats, which comes first?
  • Tailoring chargers for various applications
  • Streamlining customer experience creating a one-stop shop for convenience
  • Unveiling new business opportunities for vessel OEMs

Commercial Vessels

The marine industry is on the brink of a positive change with electrifying transportation for commercial operators. Tightening regulations have made this shift important. Short sea shipping has shown that going fully electric is possible. Charging solutions now play a crucial role in this industry.

Key drivers for embracing electric power:

  • Go Green: Commercial marine experiences an eco-conscious transformation.
  • Save Costs: Standardized charging systems bring optimized operational costs and cost-effective systems.
  • Grow Income: New revenue sources open up with multimodality.
  • Follow Regulations: Meeting stringent legislation becomes a driving force.
  • Be Sustainable: Companies enhance their sustainable profiles.
  • Maximize Potential: High-power charging boosts business utilization rates.

Charging power for land and sea

Kempower’s standardized solutions revolutionize marine charging with safe and cost-effective technology

Charging solutions that enable interoperability

  • Ensure smooth communication between the distribution grid, charging hardware, and vehicles
  • Allow the use of standard commercial chargers to offer charging as a service
  • Reduce initial investment cost of charging project
  • Operate with CCS and MCS standards that leisure OEMs and CPOs have adapted

DC power supply that enhances marine safety 

  • Enables safe and reliable charging sessions
  • Galvanic isolation prevents corrosion failures of the hull
  • Increases safety in the case of the system failure

Dynamic charging system built for multi-modality

  • Adds new revenue streams
  • Maximizes utilizatoin rate of charging system
  • Promotes low CapEx
  • Increases ROI

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