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Due to the non-harmonized location of the charging socket on the vehicle side, achieving the best parking topology can be a challenge. This can be addressed with a distributed EV charging system, where each satellite post conserves parking space and optimizes cable maneuverability. With its record-breaking smallest footprint, the optimal location for each double-output satellite post is on every second crossing corner, and for each single-output satellite post, it’s in the top-left corner. However, based on a long track record of successful charging sessions, it’s safe to recommend a drive-through parking topology with single-output satellites. The ultimate target must be the user experience – Kempower Satellite posts can assist you in reaching that target.

Kempower Satellite

Kempower Satellite Posts for Distributed EV Charging

There is a wide selection of Kempower Satellites to meet all EV applications. Depending on the desired DC fast charging power level, you can choose a suitable combination of spring, cable and plug. For CCS plugs, the peak power level can reach up to 400 kW, and with CHAdeMO, it can be up to 100 kW. Each Satellite can have one or two charging plugs.​

The frame is constructed from aluminum and features an advanced, spring-assisted charging cable support system. This unique system not only aids users in managing the heavy cable, but it also prevents the cable from scratching on the ground. ​

Kempower Satellite offers a wide range of different ways of authentication methods. The integrated RFID reader is a standard feature, and different payment terminals can be added to facilitate an interface for credit card payments. Kempower ChargEye connectivity service can be used for mobile authentication and invoicing services via OCPP integrations.​

Users can follow their charging sessions with a mobile device by scanning the session-specific QR (quick response) code displayed on the Satellite screen, which is provided through Kempower ChargEye connectivity service.​

Despite its slender design, the lower section of the frame is equipped with push buttons, plug holders, and an optional energy metering display to ensure easy use for everyone. The touch-screen display offers real-time generic information and allows access to optional in-depth details by pressing clear symbols.

Kempower AC Satellite

Extend your charging services to serve all EV drivers

When you need charging points for plug-in hybrid vehicles, the Kempower AC Satellite is the ideal choice for expanding your charging site capabilities. With its identical structural design to the Kempower Satellite, the Kempower AC Satellite offers the same user interface and spring support system as its DC counterpart. This uniform appearance ensures that your charging field maintains a consistent and clean look, offering both AC and DC charging options.​

Two AC Satellite options are available. Kempower AC Satellite can be equipped with either two Type 2 sockets or with two Type 2 plugs with cables. ​

The maximum power level can be adjusted up to 22 kW using the Kempower ChargEye, but this adjustment depends on the AC supply and installed cabling. ​

Kempower Power Unit

Centralized and dynamic power distribution

The Kempower Power Unit comes in three different sizes: single, double, and triple cabinet versions, with a charging capacity of up to 600 kW. The Power Unit converts the supplied AC voltage from the power grid into DC voltage for fast charging electric vehicles.​

Each Power Unit cabinet consists of 1-4 power modules, one power distribution module, and one control module. Each individual power module features two galvanically isolated power channels with a capacity of 25kW each. The modular construction facilitates straightforward power capacity enhancements while increasing system redundancy. ​

A single Power Unit can supply power to up to 8 charging points – depending on the desired configuration. Based on galvanic isolation on DC modules, all power channels can be re-routed during charging sessions to achieve the highest utilization level and user satisfaction, due to shorter charging times.​

The system design allows Power Units to be situated remotely, providing power up to 80 meters away via Kempower Satellites. This allows Satellites to be positioned with the greatest flexibility in the market.​

Kempower Movable Charger

The On-Demand DC Fast Charging Solution

In many EV charging applications, the Kempower Movable Charger is the easiest way to start DC fast charging. It requires only a 3 x 63A industrial socket to operate, making it a true plug & play fast charging solution. The Kempower Movable Charger is designed to be a flexible and low-entry charging solution for a variety of applications.​

The rolling frame houses one power module with two power channels that can be routed to a single or dual charging plugs. There are three variants available: single CCS, double CCS, and CCS & CHAdeMO. ​

Although it is small and movable, it retains all the functionalities of a larger system. The top-mounted touchscreen provides real-time and optional detailed information by pressing clear symbols. An integrated RFID reader enables wireless authentication, and Kempower ChargEye connectivity unlocks the same functionalities as our other charging solutions.

Kempower Station Charger

More Power in a Compact Unit

In several EV charging applications, the Kempower Station Charger can be the most cost- and space-efficient solution. It combines the Power Unit frame with a touch screen and 1-2 integrated charging points from the Kempower Satellite.​

The all-in-one charging solution, commonly seen in bus depots, brings the benefits of the Kempower Satellite Charging System into a single product. Dynamic Power Management, scalability and an advanced cable support system make the Kempower Station Charger the most desirable compact fast charger on the market.​

Maximum charging power is 400kW and the available output combinations are: single CCS, double CCS, and CCS & CHAdeMO. The unit can also optionally be equipped with a single AC Type 2 socket.​

Furthermore, the Kempower Station Charger is ready for expansion, allowing it to be extended with two remotely-located single-output Kempower Satellites if the need for more charging points arises.

Kempower ChargEye for depots

Kempower Depot Master For Heavy Commercial Electric Vehicle Depots

Kempower ChargEye is a comprehensive, easy-to-use cloud-based charging management system. When Kempower chargers are connected to the ChargEye system, the charging network operator can easily monitor, manage, and diagnose the day-to-day operations of the chargers and vehicles.

Kempower ChargEye for CPOs

Offering an enhanced charging experience for electric vehicle drivers and help your customers with safe and secure operations, charging insights, and advertising space.

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