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Charging Solutions

DC fast-charging solutions for different types of electric vehicles. Scalable from fast charging needs of passenger cars all the way to commercial fleets, even the hard-to-reach work sites in distant locations.

Kempower Satellite

Kempower Satellite is a DC fast charging satellite with various charging options. Satellite posts provide users with an inspiring experience thanks to the advanced cable handling system and the user-friendly touch screen. Authentication can be based on RFID/NFC cards or smartphone applications. Charging sessions can be followed on a mobile phone.

Kempower Power Unit

Kempower Power Unit is a charging power unit providing up to 600 kW of total power. Dynamic adaptive power distribution makes it possible to route the charging power from the power unit to up to 8 charging outputs simultaneously, in any combination. It also re-routes the power during the charging session.

Kempower Movable Charger

Kempower Movable Charger is a movable, powerful DC fast charger with 2 DC charging outputs. Kempower Movable Charger offers 50 kW of pure charging power and has a simultaneous dual charging option providing 25 kW from each channel*.
(*50 kW, 2 x 25 kW applies for North American version only)

Kempower Station Charger

Kempower Station Charger is an integrated charging system, a combined charging Power Unit & DC fast charging Satellite solution. It features the user interface hardware and cable handling from the Kempower Satellite.

Kempower ChargEye for Depots

Kempower ChargEye is a comprehensive, easy-to-use cloud-based charging management system. When Kempower chargers are connected to the ChargEye system, the charging network operator can easily monitor, manage, and diagnose the day-to-day operations of the chargers and vehicles.

Kempower ChargEye for CPOs

Offer an enhanced DC fast charging experience for electric vehicle drivers and help your customers with safe and secure operations, charging insights, and advertising

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