Kempower Cloud-Based Charging Management

In order to ensure flawless EV charging services, Kempower’s charging systems are both locally controlled and remotely monitored by cutting edge Kempower ChargEye backend system. It provides added value and maximal up-time.

From a single stand-alone DC charger to large EV charging network –the Kempower ChargEye connectivity service is the most important tool for your remote asset management. The ChargEye platform is a licence-based service, that that can be accessed through a browser program.

Each Kempower Satellite charging system, Kempower Station Charger and Kempower Pantograph charging point can be connected through a local router or wireless connection through the cybersecure data transmission network to the ChargEye backend.

Depending on the selected version of Kempower ChargEye, following functions can be utilized for more efficient charging point remote control and analysis. Our platform is hosted and multiplied in AWS servers to ensure highest availability.

Kempower ChargEye provides a toolset to remote management and analysis, from a single charger to wide network of chargers. Its remote tool set enables highest uptime of over 98% including stand-alone mode during communication breaks.

• Detailed level access to charger hardware
• Algorithm-based vehicle comparison
• Multi-server architecture on AWS service
• Anonymized vehicle data inside the ChargEye
• Tools to follow usage rates and trends
• Comprehensive event log for each individual charging session

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