Two technicians in high-visibility jackets work on an electrical charging station outdoors in a snowy environment, using a digital device. an electric van is parked in the background.


Achieve Success Together
Kempower Services: Supporting Customers from Pre-Design to Operations

Elevate your EV charging infrastructure with our comprehensive services. From top-notch training and unparalleled support to seamless retrofits, upgrades, and cutting-edge design solutions, we empower your journey towards sustainable and efficient electric mobility.

Kempower Training Services

Kempower Training Services offers comprehensive, flexible learning modules providing the latest product knowledge, up-to-date documentation, and tailored training for installation, commissioning, service, and maintenance.

Kempower Maintenance & Support

Kempower Maintenance & Support offers comprehensive services, ensuring optimal operation and maintenance for your charging devices. Benefit from correct commissioning, expert support, original spare parts, and professional service to meet your quality and value expectations.

Kempower Upgrades & Retrofits

Kempower Retrofits & Upgrades offers adaptable solutions, allowing your charging system to evolve and stay up-to-date with changing industry needs. Enhance your charger’s capabilities cost-effectively with power upgrades, adaptive voltage retrofits, and convenient payment terminal solutions for seamless integration.

Kempower Consultation & Design

Kempower Consultation & Design services provide tailored support for optimizing charging site design and utilization, ensuring a seamless and efficient charging experience for customers.

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Kempower Life-Cycle Services is specialized in taking care of the after-sales process.

It’s essential to follow Kempower’s preventative maintenance plan for charging equipment to ensure consistent performance equivalent to that of a new unit. Contact Kempower or your local service partner for more information.