Electric School Bus Charging

Electric school buses represent a significant opportunity for reducing environmental impact and enhancing student health. With our innovative solutions for electric school bus charging, we can help you develop robust and efficient charging infrastructure to support the adoption of electric school buses.

Electric School Bus Charging Stations That Adapt to Your Needs

Kempower’s dynamic school bus charging solutions allow school bus operators to charge buses slowly overnight or quickly during the day – to cater to changing needs. Learn more about how solutions benefit school districts and school bus contractors.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act heavily incentivizes school districts to electrify school buses. However, setting up suitable electric school bus charging stations requires careful planning. Most days, buses can be charged overnight with low power. However, to enable field trips and other daytime trips, faster, high-power charging is necessary.

With Kempower’s solutions, school districts can tackle both use cases with the same products. We can help your school district overcome its electric school bus charger challenges:

Cost-efficiency: Utilizing our charging solutions leads to cost savings over time, reducing energy and maintenance expenses.

Dynamic charging availability: Our distributed system offers dynamic charging availability, ensuring electric school buses can be charged efficiently whenever needed.

Cable management: Lightweight and robust charging cables with spring-assisted cable handling simplify the charging process, making it more convenient and safer for bus drivers.

Small, reliable satellites: The compact, affordable satellite units provide flexible and scalable charging infrastructure, easily adaptable to various locations.

Innovative software: Kempower’s cloud-based ChargEye system optimizes charging schedules and power management, enhancing the efficiency and lifespan of electric school buses.

School bus contractors stand to gain significantly from investing in charging infrastructure for electric buses. By doing so, they position themselves at the forefront of a growing green transportation trend and tap into long-term cost savings due to lower fuel and maintenance expenses associated with electric vehicles. Additionally, this move towards electric buses and their supporting infrastructure signals a commitment to environmental stewardship, enhancing their reputation and potentially attracting more business opportunities in increasingly eco-conscious communities.

At Kempower, we can help you build cost-efficient and reliable electric school bus charging stations:

Lower operational costs: For school bus contractors, adopting Kempower’s charging solutions translates into considerable long-term cost reductions in energy and maintenance.

Sustainable operations: Meet the demands of new procurement contracts that call for electric buses and stay in the competition.

Dynamic charging availability: Kempower ensures that school bus contractors can access dynamic charging, allowing efficient and flexible charging schedules.

Cable management: The durable and lightweight cable management is easy for drivers to use.
Small, inexpensive satellites: Kempower’s compact and cost-effective satellite units enable school bus contractors to quickly establish and expand charging infrastructure at your depot – even when space is limited.

Smart software: The intelligent ChargEye platform aids school bus contractors in effectively managing charging schedules and power usage, boosting the operational efficiency of their electric bus fleet.

Dynamic Power Sharing for electric school bus charging

Charge multiple buses and other vehicles at the optimum power and maximize power utilization.
Kempower’s electric school bus chargers distribute power dynamically. As the electricity that one bus requests declines, the excess charging capacity can be dynamically transferred to another bus.

You don’t need to invest in charging capacity that is required only on the busiest field trip day and remains unused most of the year. You can also prioritize charging capacity automatically to the buses that most need it. Your grid capacity is used efficiently, and your charging infrastructure will fit your needs.

Same satellites for different use cases

Our versatile charging satellite can facilitate both low-power overnight charging and high-power daytime charging. This dual capability removes the need to invest in separate low-power and high-power chargers and ensures that buses are always ready for service.

Low-power charging is a cost-effective, battery-preserving option during off-peak hours, while high-power charging enables flexible transportation for special occasions. Such flexibility optimizes energy use, catering to varying operational demands, and enhances the fleet’s overall reliability, ensuring that buses can be quickly charged and deployed as needed.

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