Electric trucks are charging at a modern, elevated charging station with solar panels on the roof, under a clear blue sky. there is ample infrastructure indicating advanced technology in transportation.

Kempower Megawatt Charging System

Introducing the Kempower Megawatt Charging System (MCS), a dedicated solution for electric truck charging that requires power levels above 1 MW. Kempower MCS transforms heavy-duty transport, leading the change toward a cleaner, quieter and more peaceful world – and part of an ecosystem that is co-creating the future.

Key features

  • Charging at +1,500 A and up to 1.2 MW of peak power 
  • Featuring the Kempower Mega Satellite, with an MCS and high-power CCS
  • Transition to MCS: The current CCS2 power levels for heavy-duty vehicles need to be increased in the short term to enable the market transition toward full MCS adoption in the coming years.
  • Dual strategy: MCS and high-power CCS coexisting in the ecosystem is inevitable for OEMs and EV supply equipment manufacturers to drive the transition to zero-emission road transport.
  • Flexibility: Unused power from the MCS can be dynamically distributed among several high-power CCS2 outputs within the same system. This facilitates the market transition toward widespread MCS adaptation.

Tomorrow’s transportation,


  • Kempower Mega Satellite with MCS

    Megawatt charging for electric trucks

  • Kempower Mega Satellite with high-power CCS2

    High-power CCS charging for electric trucks

  • Kempower Power Unit

    Kempower Power Unit provides up to 1.2 MW of total charging power

Powering clean transportation

Key benefits

  • Proven technology

    To ensure maximum compatibility, the first version of the Kempower Megawatt Charging System comes with a peak power of 1.2 MW, and a Kempower Mega Satellite. The solution is based on Kempower’s state-of-the-art technology.
  • Maximum flexibility

    Kempower Mega Satellite can be connected with an MCS or high-power CCS2 in the same system, enabling dynamic power sharing between all outputs.
  • Upgradability

    Customers with Kempower’s latest technology can upgrade their existing systems to MCS by combining two 600 kW Kempower Power Units.

Kempower Mega Satellite

Available as an MCS and high-power CCS2


  • Power: Max. 1.2 MW
  • Current: 1,500 A
  • Voltage range: 200–1,250 VDC*

    High-power CCS2
  • Power: Max. 560 kW
  • Current: 700 A
  • Voltage range: 200–1,250 VDC*

    *Limited by Kempower Power Unit to 920 VDC in the first development phase

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