Kempower Control Unit

Control Unit

Kempower Control Unit with a CCS2 cable is the optimal solution for depot and off-highway charging, where a robust and simplified dispenser is required.

Key benefits

  • Heavy duty design

    The enclosure is constructed using stainless steel, making it suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments.
  • Simple UX

    The status of the charging session is indicated by LEDs and stopping the equipment is optional.
  • Connectivity

    On ChargEye, each control unit is equivalent to a single output satellite.

The Kempower Control Unit with a 5-7-10 meter charging cable is suitable for various applications. For example, in a fenced depot area with harsh conditions where a touch screen does not provide any additional value, the sleek industrial casing of the Control Unit is particularly welcome. The Control Unit can be mounted in various locations: walls, truss structures, bollards, etc.

The Control Unit comes equipped with a 200 A charging cable, making it suitable for a wide range of overnight and daytime charging sites. A fixed QR code can be used to track each charging session using a mobile device. The control unit can be attached to a wall or a truss structure.

If you are looking to build a partially retractable charging point on a truck loading dock at a distribution center, you may find it beneficial to use a tool balancer.

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View the full technical specifications of Kempower EV charging solutions, including:
– Product code interpretations of all variants.
– Measurement drawings.
– Connectivity and options.

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