Kempower Satellite

User-friendly, space-saving fast charging satellites for all EV drivers

Key benefits

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    User-friendly design

    Kempower’s unique cable management solution (pat. pend.) makes handling the heavy charging cables easy and effortless, also for EV drivers with mobility impairments. The charging cable is supported by specially designed springs, increasing the cable reach. This makes designing the charging site more flexible. The charging satellite comes with a user-friendly touch screen display and RFID reader. It is possible to include an integrated payment terminal. The charging session can also be followed on a mobile phone.
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    Small footprint

    Kempower charging satellites have the smallest footprint on the market! They can be installed in areas with very limited space (e.g. in parking halls, next to a wall). The charging satellite is also quiet, as the power electronics are located in Kempower Power Unit, which can be installed at up to 80 m distance.
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    Ultra fast and powerful EV charging

    There can be up to 8 charging outlets in one Kempower charging satellite system, including either 4 dual outlet or 8 single outlet Kempower Satellites, and one Kempower Power Unit providing up 600 kW of total charging power. For maximun charging power, Kempower Liquid Cooled Satellite provides up to 400 kW with a 500 A charging cable and plug, for heavy-duty electric vehicles.

Kempower Satellites offer the best user experience for all EV drivers

And not only for EV drivers! Kempower satellite charging system is the best choice for Charge Point Operators, charging site planners, and anyone looking for the best-in-class fast charging system. There can be up to 8 satellites in one Kempower fast charging satellite stystem, either 4 satellites with dual charging outlet, or 8 with single charging outlet.

Kempower Satellites are designed so they can be easily installed in most locations. Thanks to their small footprint, they also fit charging sites with limited space. The cable management solution (pat. pend.) makes handling the heavy charging cable effortless and easy. Kempower Satellites are equipped with a user-friendly, intuitive touch screen and RFID reader. The charging session can also be followed on a mobile phone.

Kempower satellite charging system offers superior performance

Kempower Satellites come with CCS2 and CHAdeMO charging methods as standard. Also Type 2 AC (link) and CCS1 (link) are available. The charging satellites can be equipped with one or two DC charging outlets. Kempower Power Unit (link) feeds the charging satellites with up to 600 kW of total power. One power module is 50 kW and thanks to the modular design, the number of power modules can be gradually increased to up to 12 pcs. The weatherproof body and special coating for the electronics ensure that both the Kempower Power Unit and the Kempower Satellites can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

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