Kempower Pantograph UP

Automated charging sequence and fast charging of electric buses

Key Benefits

  • Optimal fast charging solution for buses

    This is suitable for both daytime and overnight charging of electric buses. The pantograph has a contact dome at the end of a robust steel frame, along with integrated charging control electronics.
  • Supporting charging power of up to 500 kW

    With dynamic power distribution, maximum 8 pantographs or satellites in any combination can charge simultaneously with equal or prioritized power distribution.
  • Flexibility in designing the charging system topology

    Multiple Kempower Satellites, Pantographs, or Control Units with charging cables can also be integrated into the same power unit at the charging site.

Automated Pantograph Charging of the Buses

Two pantograph charging methods are available: Kempower Pantograph Up and Kempower Pantograph Down. The pantograph charging session is fully automated and is triggered by the bus driver. It also demands accuracy to stop the bus in the right spot. In the former (Up) method, each bus is equipped with an oscillating pantograph arm installed on the rooftop, and the charging station has an A-shape current collector dome. Pantograph Up operates similarly to CCS plug charging. The charging configuration for the DC fast chargers and the entire electric bus charging site is done using the Kempower ChargEye for Depot backend solution.

The other option, pantograph down, is also called OppCharge. While each bus has only current transfer rails on the rooftop, each charging station includes a retractable pantograph arm that moves down and up. Pantograph down uses local wireless communication between the charging station and the bus.

A pantograph charging system consists of grid supply, a double or triple Power Unit cabinet, a pantograph cantilever frame, and a current collector dome or pantograph arm assembly. Both methods are capable of charging power levels of 450 kW or more. Kempower supports both pantograph charging methods, although pantograph up has been more popular in EU countries.

Kempower Pantograph Up has been the preferred DC fast charging solution for electric buses, especially in the EU countries. The e-buses with roof-mounted pantographs use the “bus-up” principle: the electric bus stops under the Kempower Pantograph Up DC fast charging station, the driver pushes a button, and the pantograph arm rises up, creating a connection with the charging dome.

  • Datasheet: Kempower Pantograph Up

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