Energy solutions for EV charging

The shift toward transport electrification and clean energy presents challenges for the power grid. Electrifying transportation requires substantial grid reinforcement investments, while the increasing share of renewables adds to the challenge due to their intermittent nature.

The challenges

The global surge in distributed energy resources is creating local challenges as the shift from centralized to distributed generation causes congestion and presents deployment difficulties. All of these create opportunities for energy solutions to effectively manage charging hubs.

We understand the possible challenges linked to electrified infrastructures. In an evolving market landscape, energy solution strategies assist DC fast-charging station owners in making the most of their assets.

Solutions for a better tomorrow

Energy management

Kempower ChargEye works as the bridge between your electric mobility assets and energy markets. With access to real-time information, we can plan efficient site power distribution and optimize electricity costs.

Battery energy storage system (BESS) units

BESS units facilitate fast access to power for charging hubs located in congested areas. They also provide services that enable more renewables in the power grid.​

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