Kempower Cable Arm

The optimal solution for DC fast charging at EV depots

The Kempower Cable Arm provides a space-saving cable management solution for tight and high installation locations such as electric bus and trucks depots, and ports. It features a lightweight cable management arm (pat. pending). It can be easily pulled down for charging and pushed back up for storage after use, leaving the charging area free for passing vehicles.

Key benefits

  • Robust

    Kempower’s Cable Arm is a strong charging solution for even the most challenging environments
  • Accessible

    The cabling distance between the Kempower Power Unit connected to the Cable Arm and the Control Unit can reach up to 80 meters.
  • Connected

    Advanced charging control and customization with Kempower ChargEye

Efficient depot connection

With Kempower Cable Arm

Lightweight cable management solution

The maximum available charging power of the system is 600 kW depending on the Power Unit version

One Power Unit can simultaneously provide
energy for up to 8 DC charging outputs with
800 VDC systems and up to 6 outputs with
Adaptive Voltage systems, covering both 400 VDC
and 800 VDC charging.

Kempower Cable Arm specifications

  • Charging power up to 160 kW

    The Cable Arm charging point is a combination of Kempower Control Unit and mechanical cable, handling a maximum charging power of 160 kW at 800 VDC.

  • 8 charging outputs

    The system can hold up to 8 charging outputs simultaneously and is compatible with 7 meters long CCS2 200 A charging cable.

Download Kempower datasheets

View the full technical specifications of Kempower EV charging solutions, including:
– Product code interpretations of all variants.
– Measurement drawings.
– Connectivity and options.

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