Demanding working environments call for durable charging solutions. Our fast chargers are tested to endure extreme conditions, rough weather and constant, hard usage in off-highway environments.

Key benefits

  • 1.

    Minimized downtime

    With Kempower chargers, electric vehicles and machines are charged efficiently and fast to enable effective operations. All Kempower chargers are cloud connected to offer minized downtime through easy management access to ensure constant operation.
  • 2.

    Tested design

    The robust design of Kempower’s chargers endures functionality in all conditions. They are made for heavy use and tested in harsh conditions.
  • 3.

    Scalable and modular

    As your electric fleet grows, you will also need more charging power. Kempower solutions are designed to be scaled. Modularity ensures that we have solutions for small and big fleets and everything in between.

Minimize downtime

All Kempower chargers are cloud connected, ensuring wireless software updates, remote re-booting, easy data management and hassle-free maintenance. Our support service system ensures the continuity of your operations. Optimize the drive cycles of your fleet with Kempower ChargEye.

Why to electrify your fleet?

  • Lower emissions and an easier way to meet emission standards and regulations
  • Lower lifecycle costs compared to combustion engine off-highway vehicles
  • Less downtime due to first-class data management and analytics
  • Less noise pollution

Kempower supplies fast charging technology for Swerock’s new fully electric Volvo concrete trucks

Challenge: Reducing climate impact with emission-free and quiet operations.


Kempower delivers Kempower satellite charging system to Swerock. The Kempower charging system charges Swerock’s four new fully electric Volvo FE Electric concrete trucks in Stockholm, Sweden. Part of an extensive joint climate initiative between Swerock and Volvo Trucks, the new electric trucks are deployed on specific projects with stated climate goals.

There are several winners in this development work. Not only do we significantly reduce our climate impact, but with emission-free and quiet operation, we will also deliver a better working environment for our drivers, those who work on construction sites and the local population

Magnus Lockner

Regional Manager, Swerock

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