Kempower Movable Charger

Kempower Movable Charger – On-Demand DC Fast Charging Made Easy

The Movable Charger is a versatile solution for various EV charging needs. It’s a Plug & Play DC fast charger that can be effortlessly relocated to meet your charging requirements, whether it’s a temporary or stationary setup.​

Versatile EV charging with Kempower Movable Charger

The Kempower Movable Charger suits a wide range of EV charging needs, from short-term car charging to long-term charging for trucks, buses, speedboats, and off-road machinery. Easily relocate it for DC fast charging at events, auto shops, depots, harbors, construction sites, and mines. For a semi-stationary setup, you can remove the wheels and bolt it to the floor.​

With an integrated AC supply plug, the Kempower Movable Charger is a true Plug & Play solution. Simply plug it into the mains, and it’s operational in minutes. Disconnecting and relocating is just as easy.​

With a quick delivery time, the Kempower Movable Charger is already trusted by thousands of customers on all continents for convenient and cost-effective DC fast charging.

Entry-level DC fast charger and operational redundancy

The Movable Charger offers nearly all Kempower ChargEye remote access features, making it an excellent tool for critical activities like OCPP server integration and pilot fleet interoperability testing, simplifying your journey towards larger EV charging systems.​

It can also serve as a strategic preventive maintenance tool, acting as a backup charger to ensure your transportation operations run smoothly. Accidents happen, and having a spare charger can be a lifesaver during pre-scheduled service sessions for your EV charging system. In some cases, the Movable Charger’s power module can even be used as a spare module on your Power Unit.​

DC fast charging on wheels

For maximum power, connect the Kempower Movable Charger to a 63 A socket, though 32 A is also compatible. It provides a maximum of 40 kW for a single DC fast charging point or 20 kW for two simultaneously.​

Supporting both CCS2 and CHAdeMO DC fast charging methods, it offers one or two DC charging points. The Movable Charger features a user-friendly touch screen and integrated RFID reader. Monitor charging sessions on your mobile by scanning a session-specific QR code on the charger screen.

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