Maintenance & Support

Kempower provides you with all the services you need for maintenance, monitoring, and support to keep your charging devices operational.

Our commitment extends beyond smooth product deliveries – it’s about ensuring ongoing reliability and performance. Explore our comprehensive support services designed to keep your charging stations operating at peak efficiency, backed by a dedicated team ready to address your needs swiftly and effectively.

Key Benefits

  • Smooth implementation

    We can assist you with any questions you may have about getting your charging site up and running. Additionally, we can take responsibility for commissioning the charging site.
  • Maintenance & repairs done right

    Rely on our in-depth knowledge to help you maintain your chargers. Maintenance and repairs done by Kempower experts ensure reliable operation of the charging system.
  • Original spare parts

    The latest spare parts that are confirmed to suit your charging station.

Kempower Maintenance & Support

  • Repair & maintenance

    Rely on dependable repairs and maintenance carried out by our team or our network of Authorized Service Partners. Guarantee the validity of your warranty by entrusting our experts with the repair and maintenance of your equipment, equipped with the latest knowledge of chargers. Let our skilled technicians offer additional improvements and corrective actions identified during the maintenance process.

  • Spare parts

    Kempower provides you with the latest spare parts suited to your charging system. If you are unsure about which spare parts you should order for your system, let our experts assist you by contacting us through our support channel. Kempower spare parts are manufactured and shipped from our factory in Lahti and their availability and quality is guaranteed.

  • Commissioning services

    The commissioning service involves the startup phase and commissioning of the customer’s charging system. This service includes configuring the charger and establishing the Kempower ChargEye cloud connection. Throughout the process, a series of commissioning checks and tests are conducted to ensure charger safety, quality, and functionality. The result of the commissioning service is a fully prepared Kempower charging system, ready for use within the approved warranty period.

  • Remote commissioning support

    The objective of remote commissioning support is to aid the customer in commissioning Kempower’s charging system from a remote location. On the scheduled date, a Kempower Service Engineer will be available to address queries, remotely connect to the charger, conduct troubleshooting, and, if necessary, configure the system. Please note, remote commissioning support does not substitute for on-site commissioning. Customers are required to arrange remote commissioning support separately. This service is designed to ensure that the customer receives essential support to have the Kempower Charging system prepared for use.

  • Commissioning services

    Learn how our expert team ensures seamless installations, rigorous testing, and optimal performance for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Explore our remote commissioning and commissioning services in this 1 pager.

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Kempower Life-Cycle Services is specialized in taking care of the after-sales process.

It’s essential to follow Kempower’s preventative maintenance plan for charging equipment to ensure consistent performance equivalent to that of a new unit. Contact Kempower or your local service partner for more information.