Kempower Liquid Cooled Satellite

The Kempower Liquid Cooled Satellite can maintain desired power levels in all types of applications, including:

1. High-end EV charging at service stations

2. Heavy commercial electric vehicles: semi trucks, multipurpose trucks, and city buses at distribution centers and depots

Key Values

  • High Current Curated for Supersized Batteries

    Continuous temperature monitoring of the Kempower Liquid Cooled Satellite improves safety at high charging currents.
  • Faster Transport of Heavy Loads

    Our charging infrastructure provides increased battery capacities on heavy commercial vehicles, like trucks and buses, and for faster charging at optimal power levels.
  • Elevated User Experience

    The spring assisted cable handling and simplified infotainment on the touch screen provides a lighter and easier experience

Distributed Charging For Heavy Commercial Vehicles

In the past 5 years, battery capacities have increased fivefold – reaching 500 kWh or more on a broad range of transportation vehicles. This in turn introduces challenges to EV charging, as the time vehicles are stationary on charging must be minimized.

The Kempower Liquid Cooled Satellite is ideal for this challenge. This charging satellite is able to deliver a continuous, 500 A charging current. This is greater than the upcoming CharIN HP350. An optimal power level of 400 kW or more can be achieved. A distributed charging system consists of the power unit and satellite. A single 600 kW power unit can power up to 8 charging points. 

Higher power levels enable EV charging to be completed in a fraction of the time for:

  • Long haul trucks
  • HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles)
  • High-end EVs with HV drivetrains