Image of Kempower Liquid Cooled Charger at Vaasaloppet 2023

Kempower Liquid Cooled Satellite

The Kempower Liquid Cooled Satellite can maintain desired power levels in all types of applications, including: high-end EV charging at service stations; and heavy commercial electric vehicles: semi trucks, multipurpose trucks, and city buses at distribution centers. and depots

Key benefits

  • High current curated for supersized batteries

    Designed and built to provide reliable high power fast charging for heavy electric vehicles.
  • Faster transport of heavy loads

    Kempower Liquid Cooled Satellite provides faster charging at optimal power levels for heavy commercial vehicles with increased battery capacities, like trucks and buses.​
  • Elevated user experience

    The unique, spring-assisted cable support system and intuitive infotainment touch screen create an easy-to-use interface for end users.

Distributed charging for heavy commercial vehicles

In the last 5 years, battery capacities have surged, creating a challenge to minimize EV charging time. ​​

The Kempower Liquid Cooled Satellite addresses this by delivering a continuous 500 A charging current, achieving optimal power levels of 400 kW or more—exceeding CharIN HP350 standards.​

Paired with a Kempower Power Unit, a triple cabinet Power Unit with 600 kW can power two Liquid Cooled Satellites, equivalent to two HPC charging points. ​

This higher power level drastically reduces charging times for long-haul trucks, HGVs, and high-end EVs with HV drivetrains.

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– Measurement drawings.
– Connectivity and options.

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