Kempower Power Unit

The Kempower Power Unit is a rack-style, modularly scalable converter cabinet solution for delivering up to 600 kW of total charging power to up to 6 to 8 distributed charging points.

Key Benefits

  • Dynamic Power Management

    Each Power Unit can be furnished with unique dynamic module that is able to re-route all of the power channels during any charging session. That feature can significantly increase ROI by allowing for more charging sessions per day.
  • Connecting a Broad Range of Charging Points

    You can connect Control Units, different types of Satellite posts, or Pantographs to the same Power Unit cabinet to build hybrid charging sites.
  • Higher Uptime

    The Kempower ChargEye dashboard allows for full remote access, enabling in-depth control over all power conversion elements. Additionally, the rack-style cabinet design makes it fast and easy to replace modules.

The Multi-Purpose Rectifier Cabinet

Dimensioning of the EV charging system can be based on the calculated performance level. Due to the rack-style structure of the converter cabinet, a double or triple Power Unit cabinet can be first furnished with four or six power modules to supply 2-4 charging points to meet today’s performance level. As the demand for charging power level evolves, together with the need for more charging points, adding four or six more power modules and additional 2-4 charging points like Control Units with cables or Satellite posts is a simple task.

The optimal location of the Power Unit cabinet is close to charging points to minimize in-between cabling from the cabinet to charging points. However, the recommended maximum distance can be up to 50 meters before communication signals start to fade. It is also recommended to locate your rectifier cabinet close to the AC supply, such as a compact secondary substation (transformer), and under a shelter to prevent the cabinet from being exposed to the sun’s irradiation, which can cause aging and heating effects.

Redundancy Through Modular Design and Power Routing

Should there be a fault on a power channel, or a charging point needs to be serviced, cabinets and charging points can be remotely enabled or disabled to ensure the highest uptime. Utilizing the full potential of the dynamic module, it also provides higher redundancy at the system level, as the remaining power modules and charging points can continue while those that are disabled are indicated as needing field servicing.

  • Datasheet: Kempower Power Unit C500

  • Datasheet: Kempower Power Unit C800

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