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Power Unit

The Kempower Power Unit is a rack-style, modularly scalable converter cabinet solution that delivers up to 600 kW of total charging power. Up to 8 distributed charging points can be connected and supplied by a single Power Unit.

Key benefits

  • Dynamic power management

    Each Kempower Power Unit features a unique Power Distribution Module that increases utilization rate, maximizing ROI. ​
  • Connecting a broad range of charging points

    Combined with the Kempower ChargEye cloud service, you gain remote control for efficient, reliable charging. ​
  • Availability

    Our modular cabinet design and Dynamic Power Management ensure over 99% availability. Choose Kempower for smart, user-friendly and highly reliable charging, while optimizing your business.

Easy to scale up

Kempower Distributed Charging Systems are tailored to your needs. The Kempower Power Unit’s rack-style structure allows individual cabinets to be furnished with 1-4 power modules, each providing 50 kW of charging power capacity. ​

With single, double, and triple cabinet options, each Power Unit can support 1-8 charging points.​

Our modular design allows you to start with empty power module slots and easily expand as your charging power and point requirements grow. Adding more power modules and charging points, including Control Units and Kempower Satellites, is a straightforward process.​

Redundancy through modular design and power routing

Should a fault occur on a power channel, or if a charging point needs servicing, the Power Unit, individual power modules or charging points can be remotely enabled or disabled to ensure the highest uptime. ​

The Dynamic Power Management feature ensures higher system-level redundancy. Disabled power modules and charging points can be remotely isolated for servicing, allowing uninterrupted operation for the rest.

Robust design suitable for the harshest environments ​

The Kempower Power Unit’s modular, rack-style design allows easy expansion as your business grows. ​

With weatherproof construction and tested durability, it can be installed indoors or outdoors, enduring various environmental conditions, from rain to dust.​

When combined with Kempower Satellites, Pantographs, and Control Units, the Power Unit unlocks limitless potential for fast charging solutions.​

Kempower Load Manager Kit

The Kempower Load Manager Kit provides a smart load balancing solution to fully utilize the available grid connection.

In cases where the Kempower charging system shares the grid connection with other varying electrical loads, the Load Manager Kit hardware combined with the Kempower ChargEye cloud solution introduces advanced tools for managing the electrical load of the site to dynamically utilize all available power for EV charging.

The Load Manager Kit measures the power consumption from the grid connection point in real time and sends the data to the ChargEye system. Based on the available power, ChargEye adjusts the charging power of all the Kempower Power Units connected to the Load Manager Kit power group.

Configured specifically for your site and its dynamic loads, the Load Manager Kit adjusts the power levels of all the charging points to match the available capacity.

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– Measurement drawings.
– Connectivity and options.

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