Kempower Sponsorship


Kempower wants to build sustainable stakeholder relationships with selected sponsorship activities. The aim is to engage in activities that fit into Kempower’s values: together, impact, integrity and courage. Kempower sponsorships must always include visibility, PR, business or sustainability benefits. Kempower focuses its sponsorships in two streams: local collaboration and selected programs.

Local collaboration

The focus of local sponsorships is to support the vitality of communities where Kempower operates.  The main focus for Kempower’s local sponsorships is children’s & youth sports, activities and student organizations and events. In children and youth activities, we value teams over individuals.

The local sponsorships must be applied via the sponsorship form on The Vice President of Communications or Chief Marketing Officer decide the sponsorships and related visibility based on Kempower’s annual sponsorship budget.

Selected programs

Kempower supports selected programs, initiatives or activities that meet the following criteria:

– Initiatives must have clearly defined objectives and there must be a way to ensure these objectives are fulfilled.
– Initiatives must have business, brand, or sustainability benefits, adding value to Kempower.
– Initiatives must have a written contract with targets, terms, and time span.

The sponsorships of selected programs are decided by Kempower Extended Management Team.

Kempower does not support:

– Initiatives that are contradictory with Kempower’s values
– Initiatives that cause a conflict of interests to Kempower
– Initiatives that may harm the value of Kempower brand
– Initiatives that may have adverse social or environmental impact
– Parties that do not commit to Kempower’s supplier requirements or Code of Conduct
– Private persons or political candidates, parties or groups


Thank you for considering Kempower for your sponsorship needs. We have completed our selection process for 2023 and are no longer accepting applications. We encourage you to check back with us in December 2023 when we will start accepting sponsorship applications for 2024.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to reviewing your applications in the future.