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Designed to provide a premium EV charging user experience, it is equipped with a unique cable support system to make handling the charging cable easier. This makes it the optimal choice for tight parking areas.

Key benefits

  • User-friendly design

    Our spring-assisted cable support system and user-friendly touchscreen encourage repeat charging visits. ​
  • Small footprint

    The Kempower Satellite Charging System offers flexibility with up to 80 meters of separation, ideal for space-restricted areas like parking halls or near walls.​
  • Powerful EV charging

    The Kempower Satellite delivers up to 400 kW at 500 A for faster charging, catering to high-capacity EVs and BEV trucks.​

Kempower Satellites deliver an exceptional EV driver experience

They’re not just for EV drivers but also cater to charging service providers, fleet operators and anyone in need of a high-performance fast-charging solution.​

In public charging, our Satellite Charging System serves both low-voltage and high-voltage EVs, ensuring accessibility for all drivers. ​

At depot charging sites, up to 8 Satellites offer a reliable overnight charging solution.

Streamlined operation and interface

Kempower Satellites feature a user-friendly touchscreen and RFID reader. Users can monitor charging sessions via mobile devices, utilizing Kempower ChargEye cloud service connectivity.

Our unique cable support system ensures hassle-free cable handling, coupled with a clear, user-friendly interface for a top-tier user experience.​

The slim, robust aluminum frame simplifies installation in tight spaces.​

Versatile charging capabilities

The Kempower Satellite Charging System excels in performance. As standard, each Satellite can be equipped with CCS2 or CHAdeMO, with options for one or two charging plugs. For North America, CCS1 is also offered.​

For public charging needs, the Kempower Satellites can be equipped with DC energy meters and payment terminals.​

Kempower Satellite
Charging System for superior performance

The Kempower Power Unit feeds the Satellites with up to 600 kW of total power. Each power module is 50 kW. The modular design allows for a gradual increase in the number of installed power modules, ranging from 1 to 12 pieces in a triple-cabinet version.​

Both the Kempower Power Unit and the Kempower Satellite can be installed both indoors and outdoors. This is due to their weatherproof body and special coating for electronics.

Streamlining transactions

The Payter P66 terminal for contactless payments

The Payter P66 terminal is a key component of the Kempower Satellite, AC Satellite and Station Charger, designed for markets with less stringent customer authentication requirements. This versatile terminal enables seamless contactless payments using common credit cards. Equipped with a contactless card reader, magnetic stripe reader and a chip reader, P66 provides a flexible and convenient solution for payment processing.

The Payter Apollo terminal for modern payment needs

Payter Apollo brings cutting-edge technology to the Kempower Satellite, AC Satellite and Station Charger, enabling contactless credit card payments in markets that demand strong customer authentication. The system boasts features like payment app compatibility, an IP65 rating for durability and certifications from CE, FCC and ROHS for compliance. With authorization in the EU and Canada, Apollo ensures a secure and technologically advanced payment solution.

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