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Elywhere mobile supercharger with Kempower technology

Elywhere mobile supercharger had its premiere at the EVS 35, the world’s largest e-mobility event organized in Oslo in June 2022. The mobile supercharger provides DC charging up to 150 kW with 2 Kempower S-Series charging satellites and 4 outputs, powered by PIXII batteries. The solution can be placed rapidly anywhere – in the future also off grid.

After charging the demo cars at the EVS 35, the Elywhere transported the supercharger from Lillestrom to Circle K Ski and installed it in the new location – in just one day.

Kempower discussed with Elywhere’s CEO Kenneth Hauge:

What is Elywhere’s solution?

“Our solution is a mobile supercharger. Connecting from the grid, needing less power than we give out. That’s the short story of the product. The intake is 400 voltage / 63 amps and through the batteries and Kempower S-Series chargers, we have a conversion on it with an outtake of 300 kW to the satellites. “

What is unique about Elywhere mobile supercharger?

“The uniqueness is the mobility, the need of less power from the grid, the green tech around it. It is a low-cost solution, easy to install, plug and play, and it is very cost effective. The mobile supercharger can be placed anywhere.

Together with PIXII battery technology, we will be able to place the solution totally off grid. Today we can run one of the batteries totally off grid, but Pixii are in progress with a solution totally off grid. The only power we need then is to charge the batteries. Everything else is going to run by itself.“

Why did you choose Kempower to provide the chargers?

“Kempower is the leading player in the EV charging technology, both in the software and the hardware. We find Kempower to be the best partner to work with us and also together with PIXII we have a very good cooperation.

Kempower is very well known in the Nordic countries and in the Norwegian market as one of the solid vendors of charging solutions.

It is very important for us to have a product that is a Nordic product. All the vendors and all the partners we have in the project are from Norway or from the Nordic countries. PIXII is from Norway, the framework producer is from Norway, Kempower is from Finland and the batteries are from Polaris which is a Swedish company. So, everything inside here in this solution are Norwegian or Scandinavian.

I think this is important, because The Nordic countries are way ahead in the battery and charging technology.

Kempower is the only charger we use. It will be the only charger we will use. That will be everything from vehicle charging to truck charging. We will also follow what Kempower is doing what comes to product development to see new areas in the future. “

How do you collaborate with Kempower?

“We work well together. Also, in what comes to some R&D questions. I think it is very important to work closely with the vendor to get the result we need and also to develop and to market: it all comes down to the service, support, hardware, software and so on.

We are working with the Kempower engineering team and the technical team of Kempower both in Norway and in Finland. It is very positive for us to be able to work across the borders. We feel that it is a very close cooperation, and we get a fast response.“

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