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Proving the case for EV charging at events

The number of electric vehicles on the road continues to climb. Recent data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders shows a surge in the take-up of alternatively fueled vehicles in the UK, with registrations of new fully electric cars increasing by 32.2% in August 2021. Hybrid EVs also remain popular, with hybrids and plug-in hybrids rising by 45.7% and 72%, respectively.

With the world opening up and industry events, conferences and exhibitions increasingly being held in person rather than virtually, there are growing opportunities for event organizers and manufacturers to showcase fast and reliable public EV charging solutions.

Event organizers must provide EV charging solutions for attendees

As the number of public events returns to pre-pandemic levels, EV charging must be accessible at all locations where they are held. EV drivers must be reassured that, if needs be, they can charge their vehicle while at an event, so they have enough power to get home.

Furthermore, organizers of large events can also showcase their sustainability credentials by providing electric buses to shuttle attendees around a venue or transport those arriving and leaving via public transport to train or bus stations.

Kempower fast event charging in action

At the recent Fully Charged OUTSIDE event in the UK town of Farnborough, a Kempower T-Series movable DC chargers was available for electric shuttle buses and attendees to use. Being mobile makes the Kempower T-Series the perfect fast charging solution for events. Its compatibility with EVs, trucks, lorries, vans, buses and off-highway vehicles and suitability for both outdoor and indoor use are also all beneficial and guarantee user satisfaction. Additionally, the modularity of our products ensures they have a small footprint, allowing customers to make use of the often-limited space at events.

We’re really impressed with Kempower’s quality of engineering and the range of fast charging EV products the company offers. The fact that Kempower’s technology is modular and scalable is also incredibly important. Stakeholders don’t want to spend on infrastructure for the amount of EVs projected to be on the road tomorrow, they want to spend for today’s usage, and scale as the number of vehicles grows. Kempower’s building blocks are a really clever design and a key differentiator.

Nic Rae, Managing Director of our UK distributor Vital EV Solutions

New partnership on display

Speaking of Fully Charged OUTSIDE, we were also delighted to see one of our S-Series charging systems at the event on display at Osprey Charging’s stand. There was significant interest in the charger from attendees.

Kempower has a great product and will do very well over here in the UK.

Martin Miles, Osprey Charging’s Head of Operations

Kempower in the UK

We’re establishing a presence in the UK as the country is one of Europe’s fastest-growing EV markets. The country’s government is putting words into action regarding the EV transition, and we have the technology and expertise to accelerate this shift.

We envisage a society powered by fully electric transportation, making the world cleaner and more sustainable. To help achieve this, we’re creating an EV charging infrastructure that is both extensive and reliable, enabling electric vehicles to become the norm.

Our DC fast charging EV solutions are developed and manufactured by EV drivers and ready to scale as the number of EV users increases. We look forward to more drivers using them as events and exhibitions becoming regular occurrences once again.

Image: Kempower T-Series movable EV charger on a night shift at Arendal, Norway in summer 2021, charging electric boats. The Lydløs (= silent) festival in Arendal is all about the boating life of the future.