Kempower Upgrades & Retrofits

An upgrade or retrofit to match your charger’s features and capabilities with shifting needs, now and in the future.

Elevate your charging infrastructure to new heights. We offer tailored solutions designed to optimise CAPEX, prolong your charger’s lifetime, and keep you ahead of the latest EV charger trends. Thanks to Kempower’s modular system structure it is easy to expand your charging system in the future if your needs change. From cutting-edge retrofits to performance-boosting upgrades, we’re here to elevate your charging experience, and propel you into the next era of sustainable transportation.

Key Benefits

  • Optimize Cabex

    Optimize your utilization by beginning with a modest investment.Thanks to Kempower’s modular structure, it is possible for you to upgrade your charging system later.
  • Stay on Top of Charging Developments

    While the charging industry moves fast with new charging needs and features, it is possible to update your Kempower charger now and in the future.
  • Prolonged Lifetime

    Extend your charger’s lifetime without investing in a completely new system.

Upgrades & Retrofits Services

  • Power Upgrade

    If your EV charging capacity is limited, you have the option to increase the power output of your charger while it is in operation. By adding new power modules to the existing cabinet, it will offer you a cost effective way to serve more customers.

  • Adaptive Voltage Retrofit

    Kempower’s older products did not support adaptive voltage functionality. If you wish to enable this functionality within your existing charging system, it is possible with 800V and 400V vehicles.

  • Payment Terminal Retrofit

    Requirements change fast. If you need to add a card payment solution to your existing charging system, we provide different types of payment options. The payment options are easy to use, install, and uninstall.


Power Upgrade

As the EV market evolves, the demands may change, potentially necessitating an extension of the power capacity initially intended for your Kempower charging system. With the modular design of Kempower charging solutions, augmenting power is simple through the Kempower Power Upgrade service. This service not only extends the system’s power but also contributes to prolonging the system’s life, reducing lifecycle costs, and managing capital risks associated with charging station implementation.


Adaptive Voltage Retrofit

Originally, older Kempower charging systems featuring the Power Unit or Station Charger C500 were designed for charging electric vehicles with 400-volt powertrains. As the prevalence of vehicles equipped with 800-volt powertrains grows, the demand for supporting 800-volt charging is on the rise. Our Adaptive Voltage Retrofit service enables you to adapt to these evolving needs by upgrading your charging system to support both the 400-volt and 800-volt charging ranges without the need for a complete system replacement, thereby extending the system’s lifespan.


Payment Terminal Retrofit

We provide payment terminal solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing site. Regulatory changes often mandate the presence of payment terminals for existing charging systems in specific regions. Thoughtfully designed payment terminals elevate the customer experience by enabling seamless, contactless transactions and keeping up with the latest payment methods. This ensures convenient access to your payment card services for your customers.

Please note, retrofit services are exclusively offered for already installed and commissioned charging systems. Presently, payment terminal upgrades are available for sites equipped with Kempower DC Satellite Version 1.

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