Kempower Distributed Charging Systems

Cutting-edge DC fast-charging charging technology.
Whatever the need, Kempower has the right solution. Kempower DC fast-chargers can be equipped with CCS1, CHAdeMO and NACS connectors.

The Kempower Satellite charging system is designed in a distributed fashion, featuring separate Kempower Power Units that convert AC to DC to match the EV’s battery current. With our rack-style Power Units, you can start your EV charging service at a lower power level, and later easily upgrade it to get more power. The DC charging power from Power Unit(s) is then transferred to multiple distributed Satellites, located up to 80 meters apart. This approach offers greater flexibility in the charging area topology and higher power levels due to the selectable number of Power Units.

Kempower Satellites offer EV charging solutions to support all main DC fast-charging methods, CCS1, CHAdeMO and NACS (and CCS2 outside the North America).

The Kempower Satellite charging system also offers dynamic power routing, allowing power channels to be re-routed during charging to deliver more charging sessions in the same timeline. This enables optimal power to be seamlessly re-routed based on each individual EV’s charging behavior, ensuring the best user experience and improved cost efficiency.

The Satellite charging system can support up to 6-8 charging cables (charging outputs) from a double or triple cabinet Power Units. The advanced adaptive voltage mode of the dynamic module enables adaptation to different voltage levels, serving EVs with broader drivetrain voltages ranging from 150 to 920 VDC.

In addition to an intuitive touch screen, the Kempower Satellites feature spring-assisted cable handling, making them among the most user-friendly on the market.

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