Kempower ChargEye for Depot

Helps you run safe and secure electric vehicle depot operations with optimized total cost of ownership

Key Benefits

  • Safe and secure operations

    ChargEye ensures that your fleet is fully charged and preconditioned on time. Keep your fleet in operation with secure charging monitoring and management.
  • Minimizes charging electricity costs

    ChargEye minimizes grid connection tariffs, reduces total energy consumption, and minimizes energy costs.
  • Optimized investment

    ChargEye dynamically distributes power to the chargers, eliminating the need for overcapacity and spare chargers.

ChargEye helps you in your daily operations

Edit charging plans or bring them in via API. See current, past, and planned charging sessions on a timeline to ensure your fleet is ready to operate when needed. Make adjustments if needed. Add notifications to make sure designated people get notified in case of issues. Get and view charging insights via reports view.

ChargEye works in background to ensure optimized total cost of ownership

Power usage and energy consumption of a depot is optimized by the system and can be monitored on a timeline. Unplanned charging sessions and deviations to the charging plan are dynamically taken into account and charging plans are adjusted accordingly. Vehicles are identified, charging is optimized accordingly, and priority vehicles are being taken into account.

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