You can contact Kempower for pre- and after sales technical support via the Kempower Support portal.
We help you with any technical issue you may have, including pre- and after sales support, warranty claims and spare part requests.

It’s essential to follow the preventive maintenance plan of Kempower charging equipment, to ensure that it will keep up the same performance as a new one. Contact Kempower, or your local service partner, for more information.

Please note, that only authorized and trained persons, with appropriate skills sets and permits are allowed to perform annual maintenance of Kempower charging system. The annual maintenance activity interval is always depending on usage and environmental factors.

Contact us for support and more information!

Should I contact Sales Support or Life cycle services?

See where you are in the timeline to determine which support channel to contact.

Enter the Sales Support portal here

Kempower Sales Support is part of the Solutions & Services function. We are specialized in the pre-sales process. Our main responsibility is to support Kempower sales and help customers, electrical designers and contractors.

Want to know more about Kempower products?

Sales Support can support customers with all product-related questions. We can also provide a loan T-Series charger for testing purposes for up to 30 days.

Request for charging equipment support?

Sales Support can provide all the needed information about how to choose the best possible charger setup to all cases.

Need support for planning and engineering a charging field?

Sales Support can help all stakeholders (such as electrical designers and contractors) design the best possible charging field.

Installation and foundations

Sales Support can provide instructions on how to install and choose the best type of foundation for Kempower chargers in different locations.

Interested in ChargEye?

Sales Support can help you by organizing a demo presentation about the requested functions of Kempower backend solution ChargEye.

Cloud services

Sales Support operates cloud services hand in hand with the help of our development team to test and establish 3rd party backend integrations (OCPP1.6J, OCPI 2.2 and REST API)

Enter the Life-cycle Services portal here

Kempower Life-Cycle Services is specialized taking care of the after sales process.

It’s essential to follow the preventive maintenance plan of Kempower charging equipment to ensure that it will keep up the same performance as a new one. Contact Kempower, or your local service partner for more information.

Life-cycle services

• Kempower ChargEye backend
• 24/7 support service
• Firmware updates

We got you covered – Kempower uses our very own ChargEye backend-solution for remote support services.

Need 24/7 support for urgent cases? We can provide you 24/7 remote support for user assistance, diagnostic and troubleshooting.

Charging technology travel fast, Kempower is capable to keep up with remote firmware updates.

Field services

• Installation and commissioning
• Preventive maintenance

Kempower provides on-site consultative commissioning services. By choosing Kempower commissioning you can trust that charging equipment will be safe, efficient and reliable from the very beginning.

Remember to take care of your investment by following preventive maintenance program, your staff can be trained for the job or you can choose the service from our local partner.

Authorization training services

• Installation and commissioning
• Service and maintenance

Kempower installation and maintenance training packages are designed for service/installation personnel, operators, OEMs’ and end-users.

All trainings can be offered remotely or on-site. Contact Kempower or your local service partner for more information.

Spare parts and repair services

All spare parts are available from Kempower HQ Lahti with express delivery.

In rare cases, where charger repair is needed – contact Kempower Service team for assistance.