A modern distribution center with an assortment of delivery trucks and trailers parked in designated spots, ready for loading, unloading, and transport.

Electric Fleets

We make sure your electric fleet is ready to go on time.

Key benefits

  • 1.

    Optimized total cost of ownership

    Our intelligent SaaS cloud solution enables power to be distributed to meet overnight and daytime charging demands in the most cost-effective way.
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    Intelligent backend software

    Kempower ChargEye is an unrivalled cloud SaaS solution providing great value for the electric fleet owner in operating and ensuring the availability of the fleet.
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    Dynamic Power Distribution

    With our agile power distribution, charging capacity can distributed smoothly to multiple vehicles to maximize available kilowatts.

Modular charging system

The delivery of a complete charging solution with modular design makes it easy to scale-up charging as your electric fleet grows.

Kempower keeps your fleet running efficiently

Cleaner transportation – whether it’s public transport or last mile delivery – is transforming cities in the world as we speak. City transportation is moving towards electric in the coming years. Kempower charging technology has a key role in this transition: to provide on-time, scalable and dynamic charging, that enables your fleets to run uninterrupted.

We make sure your fleet is ready to go on time

Kempower’s cloud SaaS solution is specifically designed to optimize total cost of ownership (TCO). With our intelligent power distribution, charging power is dynamically distributed to meet both overnight and daytime charging demands. The complete solution delivery with the modular design makes it easy to scale-up charging as your electric fleet grows.

Kempower delivers fast charging technology for Sweden’s largest electric truck charging station

Challenge: how to build an energy efficient fast charging station for trucks

Falkenklev Logistik’s new electric truck depot in Malmö, Sweden is the result of an ambitious project involving several forerunner companies in the transport and renewable energy ecosystem industries.


Scania’s e-mobility solution includes five battery electric 4×2 trucks and Kempower’s 1.6MW fast charging technology. Falkenklev has also commissioned Soltech Energy Solutions to build solar park along with 2 MW of battery energy storage to create a state-of-the-art energy hub.

Make sure your plan is future-proof with Kempower Satellite System and Kempower Charging Power Unit

The charging stations and solar park are an idea I have had for a couple of years. With the need to become more sustainable and the way diesel prices are increasing, it was quite obvious to me that we had to do something, and we are committed to electrifying our fleet. The electricity is being generated by solar power, which makes it 100% fossil-free. It’s a really proud moment for us.

Victor Falkenklev

CEO, Falkenklev Logistik

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